Is “Dorner” a Patsy to Justify Drone Strikes on U.S. Soil?

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Totally new facts about Chris Dorner

Keep in mind while reading the following, that the censorship problems in my mail box are ongoing, with a high percentage of what I am getting being obvious attempts to get me to publish B.S. However, this really adds up to what we are seeing, so I am going to run with it.

According to what is arriving in my mail box, he NEVER KILLED OR THREATENED ANYONE. He did write portions of the manifesto I have posted, but his original manifesto had nothing about getting revenge ANYWHERE BUT IN COURT, and VIA EXPOSURE. It’s most likely a frame up folks, TO JUSTIFY DRONE USE IN AMERICA, AND BURY THE CRIMES OF THE LAPD.

All links sent to my mailbox regarding Dorner are dead. He is posting and links are being sent, but they are killing his posts quickly. According to him, he knew he got framed and ran for his life. They want him dead because he was going to expose corruption. Now we have the Fed using him to justify a drone strike, where he will never be allowed to testify. NO WONDER WHY THE COPS ARE DOING NOTHING BUT SHOOTING, AND ALREADY NAILED TWO LATINAS AND A SURFER. HE CANNOT BE ALLOWED A DAY IN COURT, OR THE SCAM WILL BE REVEALED.



So what does this all mean?

Consider the following – He probably got word of that altered manifesto and ran. This logic is supported by the fact that in the manifesto we all know of, it and its accompanying story had and would have people dead. IF DRONER WAS GOING TO DO WHAT HE SAID, HE NEVER WOULD HAVE RUN TO THE MOUNTAINS TO HIDE.

It is super easy to hide right in front of everyone, in the city, and if he had really planned to do what his manifesto said, he would have chosen a place to lay low and gone there between killings. Once in the safe hideout NO ONE is going to find you, provided you do not leave. THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE and THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. If you are going to go hunting YOU DO NOT RUN AWAY FROM YOUR TARGET.

What really happened?

The answer is obvious folks. He knew they were out to get him so he ran for the hills, ended up in a ritzy place he did not want to end up in, hit the logging trails, snapped an axle, and since the truck was worthless at that point anyway he burned it. IF HE WAS A CRAZED KILLER, HE WOULD NOT HAVE BURNED HIS GUNS ALONG WITH THE TRUCK, and that is even if he had any – I would place a fair bet that the burned guns is just food for a good dog wagging. Gotta feed that dog, it´s a big one. What kind of stupid logic is that? The lying scamming media forgets all about the fact that some of us can think and instead of answering common sense, they just spin a story about him burning his guns. Folks, THAT is a fault of logic as transparant as the one about an afghan on dialysis who totally flustered American defenses a few years ago, and in the process helped Larry Silverstein cash in.

Put your thinking caps on people, and don´t fall for this ludicrous story, I actually ate it for a while, until they got the drones out, at that point it was becoming obvious. The final kicker was in the mail today.

There is an overwhelming probability that an innocent man is being used to push a political agenda of legitimizing drone strikes on American soil by a totally corrupted police force and the Obamanoid, you know, they monitor all of our computers now and they probably saw his manifesto stating he was going to bring them to justice in court. During the days it would have taken to type it and deliver it, they probably said HA HA, HERE IS OUR PATSY, WE NEED TO GET RID OF HIM ANYWAY.

Dorner = Droner?

My guess is as good as yours. Interesting parallel indeed. Spooky. What better way to do a toe dip in the pihrana pool to see if Americans will go for it. If you do, your ignorance makes you worthy of being the next target. And I have a little observation for you –

The first, original 10 page manifesto, which was released at least 20 hours before the proven phony redacted added edited manifesto, has “DRONER” pegged as a staunch conservative. The 20 page dietribe released hours later, has him pegged as a liberal. Why two opposites? Because if the real objective of this whole thing – if it is another wag the dog psy op like Sandy Hook, and the real objective is to gain acceptance in the American psyche for drone use, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A TARGET THAT REPRESENTS EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY. That way, it will be OK to drone snipe ANYONE.

America is SO, OH SO SCREWED! Lock and load, If this is the tactic, we need 50 million “droners” out there, to make such an attack method too risky to even think about.

7 thoughts on “Is “Dorner” a Patsy to Justify Drone Strikes on U.S. Soil?

  1. The thing is…we will never know if this man was real? we will never know if this man commited murder. One thing we do know for certain today is that the LAPD will take justice into their own hands AND commit murder, AND attack innocent people period.

  2. I read his manifesto (Described as ranting but I didn’t really think it was. An Impassioned man for sure but not overly ranting.) on the anonymous site. they described it as full and uncensored, implying there were manipulated copies out there.

    I also read (can’t find story) that he’d sent a fax denying all 3 killings. Memory hole job by the looks of it now.

  3. When I first googled Dorner (which seemed the wrong name for a black man, since most black people bear Anglo- or French names, those of their original slaveholders/fathers), I discovered it is specifically a Bavarian name. In fact, the thing that popped up was “Christophe-Dorner-Strasse” in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany. I tried to find out more about the namesake, but my supposition is that it is a memorial for a WWI soldier from the area. I also wondered who was the American Dorner’s dad, what was the family history. Little to go on.

    So I accidentally typed “Droner” and had a voila moment. There is a drawndown of troops in Afghanistan. Knowing how nuttily security-minded this country is, including all the money which goes for simulations and that stuff, it seemed to me the “new threat” was going to be disgruntled vets coming back with a lot of the expertise ascribed to Dorner. Unless we promptly go to war with someone else, they are going to have a hardscrabble existence back in the States.

    The Postal Service, for instance, is cutting back. Veterans preferences for employment? The housing market which can use minimal skill jobs? Police and fire jobs? Everywhere you look, there are bleak prospects. The suicide rate is probably so high due to this current reality. So “God made a Disgruntled Vet.” They are scared of this boogey man. He could upend the system (at least for a few years until they mellow out and start sleeping on street corners like the Vietnam vets before them).

    Bad Boys, what ya gonna do – Well, hold war games in the domestic sphere. Where better to start than in that place where they are always filming something? Always.

    So that to me is the plausible story. One of Red (Cell) versus Blue Team. A maneuver. Was anyone really killed? Was it a live fire exercise? Or something more complex? We can speculate until they show us what they are planning for real.

    I really don’t have any answers. It could be just as they say it is. He could have cold-bloodedly killed a lot of people, as his training would have taught him to be able to do. Or he could have been used and patsified.

    Or he may be an invention. I just don’t know. But I am not invested in the official story most of the time. I don’t parrot it to others. It isn’t what motivates me in this echo chamber we live in where high crimes rule us.
    I just shuffle on and say “Yassir, yassir” and bide my time. Because I know that most of the news readers are not reporters. Maybe there never was such a thing. Maybe only fiction writers are reporters. But that turns it all back on itself, doesn’t it? Because fiction=reportage these days.

  4. My question is how did they find his wallet in the house next to the body when it was found last week at a place close to the border entrance of mexico?Is he CIA and carrys more than one wallet and id?Seems strange that his wallet has drifted all the way up to big bear and floated down into the basement of this cabin.I guess it’s a minor detail that they think the sheeple will just overlook.I smell dead fish.

    1. Redhorse … your mind is tracking along the same track as mine on this. I’m wondering was he CIA undercover perhaps to infiltrate the LAPD? Or was he picked up by CIA after his release from LAPD? Don’t know that we’ll ever know. All we can see are pictures of him, but that could be a picture of anybody for that matter. Great wild goose chase huh? He’s probably somewhere safe by now.

      . . .

  5. Another funny story besides finding the driver’s license in the basement, where it wouldn’t get burned: the maids who were held hostage seemed to have been abducted across the street from where the press conferences, and command post, was happening. This simply reinforces the idea that of course they were – it was the locus of the simulation.

    Another factoid: for awhile, all cars were being searched as they drove out of the area. But before the cabin was even set on fire, they decided to let people go down the mountain (after all, it was almost sunset). So that tells me the searches and traffic jams were a sham since they had no idea if their suspect was using one of the vehicles to escape. But lots of people would remember their car was searched, whereas those let go would just assume it was because they were already sure they had their suspect.

    I wonder what a real situation would look like?

    The other thing the reporters said about the cabin when it exploded into flames was that this place Dorner had just used in a pinch, after stealing a car, was full of explosives. Yet he had just come upon it by accident.

    I was also impressed that with all that fire, none of the trees caught on fire. I guess the homeowner made sure all brush and trees had been cleared around it. I kept thinking of that burning cabin in Disneyland you used to be able to see from the Mark Twain, that injuns had burnt. It never caught the rest of the park on fire.

    So very Hollywood.

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