Is Maui the “test example” for how far they can take martial law?

Along with our previous lockdown rules, the following is now outlawed on Maui from March 25 until April 30:

Leaving home for non-essential activities:

  • Sightseeing
  • Joy riding
  • Social gatherings, such as baby luau, weddings, picnics

Leaving home for non-essential business purposes:

  • Real estate salespersons showing properties, except for property management purposes

Even DRIVING is outlawed, unless you are going to or from an “essential” job, or for food, supplies, or health care reasons.

Just going for a drive along the ocean is illegal. How can you spread the “virus” from your car?

Real Estate Agents can’t show houses, (so can’t sell houses), unless the buyer wants to buy from a video of the property or pictures!

Fines: up to $5000 or 1 yr in jail. Maui has a population of approx. 160,000 people and might have some of the strictest rules in place in the entire Country!

2 thoughts on “Is Maui the “test example” for how far they can take martial law?

  1. They put a shelter in place order in North Dallas today for a week. Cops everywhere trying to enforce the bullshit order. Saw three of them pull a car over in a Panda Express parking lot.

    Fines are $500-1400. Ridiculous.

    Luckily my job is considered essential, so I don’t have to worry about it yet, but the whole thing is a joke. I can’t believe it’s gotten this far. What friggin nanny state!

  2. I live in Maui. The laws are literally changing daily. By the constitution they are not allowed to prevent us from access to the ocean. There are numerous reasons to use our ocean; food and exercise are two. They have made insane laws to try to prevent us from going about our business and to provide for our families. This is not what law is suppose to do. Laws are for our safety and must be possible to understand and follow. Right now law abiding individuals, that do not know about the constant changing laws, are getting cited. I think if you have your family in a car, it is illegal? If I take my children to their school, which was deemed essential, is that illegal? I honestly don’t know. The national guard is here, why? I don’t understand. They are trying to terrorize us with constantly changing laws, but they need to be afraid of the back lash because it is going to come. There is a petition now for the removal of Victorino. ” When the government fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson. We the people need to take back our freedom. If not now, when?

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