Is Mike Adams at Natural News Promoting Ebola As An Agent Of The Cabal? by a Former Reader


Mike Adams used to question every “medical” thing the government was doing and saying, from their crushing raw milk dairy farmers to a 700% increase in fetal deaths from the H1N1 vaccine, to the CDC coverup of the MMR vaccine causing autism.

But he is pushing CDC and WHO ebola lies for all he is worth and fear mongering at an astounding level.

The Ebola pandemic is exploding; now deaths have surpassed 200 people in a single day. Containment now seems impossible:

The U.S. government is buying 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits in anticipation of an outbreak sweeping across U.S. cities.

Strange Adams doesn’t say there is a cure especially since it’s natural.  Not only is this nutrient a cure for ebola but ebola kills specifically by removing that natural substance from the body.

Adams is oddly silent about the fact that Bush’s presidential orders and the WHO’s International Health Regulations, when combined, equal a fascist coup.  The formula is Pandemic  = Martial law = Take over of the US by UN troops and the WHO (both run by the genocidal Rockefellers and Rothchilds who funded Hitler and are under the control of the Jesuits/Vatican).

Adams is also silent that Europe is refusing any longer to use WHO numbers but will only be using verifiable lab tests for ebola.  The WHO numbers do not come close to matching those tests.


The change in European Ebola reporting criteria comes as it emerges that 69% of the Ebola cases reported in Liberia by WHO have not been lab confirmed through blood tests. A massive overestimation of Ebola cases by WHO by misclassifying malaria and cholera and other diseases has, therefore, highly likely occurred.

This sort of compounding of diseases to make one look particularly disturbing, and the one for which the pharmaceutical industry was waiting in the wings to offer a vaccine, was exactly what was done with polio.  The fact that there was a cure was suppressed and the government put out false numbers on polio to up the scare factor.  After the vaccines were introduced, the fact that they were causing polio was suppressed and the polio numbers were disassociated from the other disease numbers so the government could report that the vaccines were bringing down polio cases.   This was rightfully called:

The Polio Game

Adams isn’t telling his readers that the “misclassication” going on with ebola favors vaccine sales and by the same vaccine corporations that put Hitler into office and now run the WHO.

Adams is also not telling his readers that the WHO “misclassifies” all  the time and at an equally huge level, always in favor of vaccines.

“Humanitarian” Bill Gates paralyzed 47,500 children in India alone in 2011 with his polio vaccine.  In response, the WHO simply reclassified paralysis in India that followed the polio vaccinations, as “non-polio paralysis.”  The WHO then announced that India was a major success in getting rid of polio thanks to compliance in  taking Gates’ vaccine.

But for Pakistan the WHO radically changed its mis-classification in a different directoin.  When Pakistani doctors reported that children there were being crippled by Gates’ vaccines and dying and the government of Pakistan was considering stopping the polio vaccine campaign altogether, the WHO,which had called outbreaks of polio across India following the Gates vaccines “non-poliio,” didn’t ignore the outbreaks in Pakistan where the same vaccines were being given.  Instead the WHO blamed the outbreaks on the Muslim “terrorists” refusing to allow the children there to be helped by the polio vaccines.  The WHO threatened to remove  visas, projecting the idea that Pakistanis might infect others with polio, and the WHO urged “saturation vaccination.”

It turns out that the people refusing to let the vaccine campaigns in were justified both in the danger of Gates’ polio vaccines and in saying the vaccine teams included US spies.  They did.  They were CIA.

While the Scientific American article “How the CIA’s Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All”  rather neatly exposes the military aspect of vaccines (as does “saturation vaccination, the article does not give the real picture – that the polio vaccines themselves are crippling and killing children at a terrible rate or that Gates’ vaccine is twice as deadly as real polio.  The article describes people in Pakistan as well as Nigeria killing vaccine teams that attempt to touch their children but doesn’t explain that people across Asia and Africa are realizing the vaccines are destroying their children, sterilizing their women and that the WHO intentionally infected Africa with AIDS using vaccines.

In its true context, the murder of vaccine campaigners by African villagers does not come out of ignorance as the pharma/banker-controlled corporate media always tries to spin it, or out of Muslim “terrorism” when the aim is to provoke more conflict, but out of people watching their children lose the ability to walk, or die or their women not be able to conceive.  It comes out of much more knowledge than most Americans have and out of self-defense from the bioweapons being used against them.

The Western elite (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bushes, etc.) who funded the Nazis were openly genocidal under the Third Reich.  Afterwards, they set up the UN and the WHO and have continued with their genocide, now cloaked under “health” and mandated vaccines and with the public duped into believing Bill Gates is helping children, not seeing he is only not generating polio and is the main cause of polio in the world.

Vaccine-nation: ‘Globally-supported company is funding fatal polio shots’

Haiti has filed a lawsuit against the UN for the deaths they caused with a disease they started.  West Africa has as much reason.

Adams is also not telling his readers that Liberia is questioning the entire source of ebola and linking the outbreaks to UN vaccine campaigns, the US and the DOD and considering lawsuits.



GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company rushing a new untested Ebola vaccine into production in cooperation with the US Department of Defence,  has been embroiled in scandals, and was accused by a Council of Europe inquiry in 2009 of exaggerating the swine flu threat to sell vaccines.

Even the UK government has had to admit that the GSK swine flu vaccine has caused narcolepsy. Narcolepsy victims from around Europe are currently launching compensation claims over the swine flu vaccine jab.

Broderick’s article comes as the Isreali government agreed to give six million dollars in compensation to Israeli soldiers who suffered damage during a US funded anthrax trial in 2005 after a US federal judge ruled in 2004 that the US Defense Department had to stop inoculating troops with anthrax vaccine, saying that the Food and Drug Administration acted improperly when it approved the experimental injections for general use.

In his report,  Broderick cites evidence presented by Dr Leonard Horowitz, an expert on Ebola and AIDS, as well as a report by Jon Rappoport presenting evidence of the presence of US bioweapons researchers in the Ebola zone.

And then Adams is not telling his readers that ebola is actually about take overs of countries, including the US.


Mike Adams is doing such a stunningly terrible job on reporting “natural news” and such a screamingly fabulous job of magnifying Rockefeller/Rothschild/Kissinger and pharmaceutical industry news, that it’s impossible not to wonder who he really is.  Is Adams intentionally misleading his own readers and working as an agent of those who would destroy the US and mass murder its people?



7 thoughts on “Is Mike Adams at Natural News Promoting Ebola As An Agent Of The Cabal? by a Former Reader

  1. CIA frontman was what Tim Rifat called him, more inclined to believe Tim and his psychic warfare site than read or listen to Mikes’.

  2. “…both run by the genocidal Rockefellers and Rothchilds who funded Hitler and are under the control of the Jesuits/Vatican”

    Gee I though the Rothschilds and Rockefellers were under the control of Satan, just like the Vatican is! I want proof that the Vatican controls the Rothschilds because saying that might piss off the “Jews control the world” crowd, so prove it…

  3. I get my info from many sources…I discern each source.
    From what I read, I can usually find an article on anyone that
    is getting a bit popular that they are CIA, or a joo or whatever.
    . Seems everyone
    works for the CIA…If FTT were to become more popular, then someone
    would come out of the woodwork and say FTT works for the CIA.
    WHy do I even read the news anymore, seems everyone works for the CIA.
    Maybe FTT works for the CIA because FTT posts articles putting down
    others to cause infighting? Thats ridiculous but that is what someone will come up with I guarantee it…Quit putting people down and simply use discernment. Natural news brings health ideas. If he were to cover everything you want him to cover he would need a team of 100 people. You gonna send him the money to pay for them? If you want news for health, go to natural news…If you want info about what you mention go to FTT. If you want breaking news, go to infowars, if you want economic news then go to youtube and type in Jim Willie or Paul Craig Roberts…etc. You want spirituality, go to hagmann and hagmann, or steve quayle..One person cannot cover everything.

  4. “Take over of the US by UN troops and the WHO (both run by the genocidal Rockefellers and Rothchilds who funded Hitler and are under the control of the Jesuits/Vatican).”


    This source just lost credibility with me. Don’t talk sh#t about someone else when you don’t even know who the f%&k is calling the shots.

  5. Mike Adams is a hard shill to spot at first but shill he is. I felt duped I didn’t notice for a very long time but it’s painfully obvious now.
    Notice he never talks about chemtrails unless he’s referring to “leaded” airplane gas? HA! Plus most of the articles on that website are all about quantity and not at all about quality. It’s like reading children’s books made for adults with short attention spans.

    Natural News = CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Watch out. Be aware.

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