Is Netanyahu Really Mad at His Brother Obama?

The United States and Iran have made a deal in reference to Iran’s development of nuclear technology and Israel’s King Netanyahu is distraught over the matter.  If we just examine the situation using the controlled information we are getting from the controlled media, it would seem like a good day for America, as it would seem we are finally starting to refuse Israeli rule in the United States.

I personally believe this whole thing is nothing more than yet another production designed to control and manipulate.  Ask yourself, what are the true interests of the United States in the Middle East?  I’m not talking about corporate interests, but rather those of we the people.   

The Father of our Country, one George Washington, told us inexplicitly, “Stay out of foreign entanglements as they sap your wealth and strength for the interests of others.”

There has been a great awakening in these United States as the reality of the power hungry institution of Zion has been put front and center via the internet, and it has been shown that Israeli interests are the first interests in consideration when it comes to how the wealth and power of the United States will be implemented and apportioned.

The Israeli infiltrators within our borders and without have been making every effort to camouflage the Zionist elephant every American has found sitting in their living room, as Americans across the board are refusing to be the goyim that the Zionists have asserted that we are, thus this latest, all star studded, production wherein the United States appears to be pulling away from Israel and leaving them to their own devises when nothing could be further from the truth.

As previously mentioned, American interests in the Middle East should be nothing more than fair trade, designed to procure their resources for the enjoyment of our people.  But as this would not include Zionist empire building, it will not do.  Israel wants the might of the United States to be applied to the further conquest of the Middle East for Israel’s benefit, and the only way they can accomplish this, now that they have been found out, is to make it look like a conflict has developed that has nothing to do with them.

In Syria, we have now entered into an agreement with the Syrians that, if violated, will procure a war for the violation, and now the same with Iran and of course the Israelis are distancing themselves and condemning both actions as fool hardy.  Now all the Mossad has to do is accomplish a couple of false flags and, Shazzam, America is in conflict in the Middle East for violation of agreements that should never have been entered into, as the situations in both countries is none of our business and has nothing to do with our security and sovereignty.

And right in step, once the war starts, the Israelis will forgive us our ignorance and naiveté and step up as our ‘most important ally’ to receive the riches gained through war, while we Americans endure the death and deprivation in the fight for the further glorification of Zion.

Our country is falling apart at the seams, yet we are going to allow ourselves to be told that our interests lie in other countries?  This is a production, a scam, and the Israelis are onboard, 100%.  Don’t be fooled.  Obama is their puppet and has always been.  He is doing exactly as he is told, as the idea here is to make it look like World War III was started with the full approval and participation of the American people.

These are the same communists that they were yesterday and it is their aim to destroy our country and our people.  We must speak out and let these charlatans know that we see what they are doing.  We are not fooled and this insurgent government is not only acting in defiance of we the people, but also as our enemy.

May the Good Lord continue to shine the light on the underside of the rot called Zion, which by His grace has been overturned and exposed.

4 thoughts on “Is Netanyahu Really Mad at His Brother Obama?

  1. Yes, it’s all theater, and ALL of the politicians double as actors that play an assigned role if there’s a camera anywhere in the vicinity.

    Look at who CONTROLS THE MONEY (owns the central bank) and you’ll know who tells all the actors (whores) what part they’re supposed to play.

    ALL of the politicians that appear on your TV or newspaper ALL come from countries that have a Rothschild-owned central bank, and they’re all moved around like pawns on a chessboard by the guy who prints the money.

  2. Damn good article Henry,

    I pray and hope our good friend Alex reads this piece and gets a schooling on how to operate a site to inform and not how to pontificate for profit. As usual an article that is well written and very enlightening. This is what separates us from the rest; informative, intelligent and precise while at the same time schooling other sites, on what is really going on. Times are rough and getting worse by the second now, every well written word counts as it will help define the rest of our kids future and happiness.


  3. It’s actually the only thing that would make any kind of (somewhat) logical sense, given the nature of this unexpected turn of events.

    Good call.

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