10 thoughts on “Is Obama a COMMUNIST? | Wayne Allyn Root

  1. This is fun, finally are the EU the new corporate –muggers–under-cover –boy is it time to separate from all that is negative and destructive—After all I believe in the base goodness of just about everyone….below a certain profit -level where most sell out their souls to step on others …..for good. mental ill are they not…..?

  2. See bilaterals.org for absolute proof of what was said—My heart goes out to each and every Iraqis, Syrian, Libyan, or any other asinine target of the US and NATO or ISIS no difference —beheading by Saudis or ISIS, or bombing via drones from the US or terrorists —dead and suffering–is final…

  3. I’m not sure if Obama is a communist. Ha Ha…!
    What I want to know is..
    Does Michelle have a bigger penis than me?
    Thats what concerns me.
    Oh well…in a few months I won’t have to worry about that.

  4. Did Obama just do the wave at a communist Baseball game with Raul Castro?
    Obama is a Kamilion, he is whatever they want him to be.
    He is not an American, he is a false prophet.
    Does Micheal Obama have a bigger package than the Thief of Staff?
    Did not this black bastard sign into law the NDAA?
    Did he not sign our national treasures over to a foreign entity?
    Would he not indenture your siblings into perpetual warfare?
    Call this creature what you will, He is not an American Nationalist!

  5. I think hes much more of a Muslim, they can be whoever they need to be under cover or so ive read. He has his list of his fav Islam quotes, i just want to puke and the future aint lookin any brighter

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