Is the Secession Movement Real?

The effort to divide we the American nationals one against the other had completely fallen apart following the completion of the fraudulent 2012 Election.  The fact that we are heavily armed is no secret and the mainstream in the alternate media had completely lost control of the patriot movement as the people realized that they were going to have to fight as individuals for their lives.

Then out of nowhere here comes the infamous secession petitions, spreading like wildfire across our country, leaving open the opportunity for the mainstream alternate media to create a new faction in an attempt to regain control over the entire movement.  And the ignorant and the cowardly took the bait like a starving catfish as the proclamation came forth, “Retreat, retreat, the state governments will save you if you just give them a chance, and you don’t even have to fight and die as the state is going to do that for you.”

B u l l s h i t!  Where do you think those traitors in Washington DC came from?  They started out at the local municipalities as council members.  And as they screwed you at the local level, they built credibility with the insurgency in the higher echelons.  They then became county commissioners and then state representatives.  And then, after proving themselves to be among the elite in deceit, they were promoted into the federal insurgency.   Never forget those right now in your local county and state governments are backstabbing and screwing their way to the next rung on the ladder.

So go ahead, buy into the fantasy.  Replace the treasonous thieves in the federal government with more treasonous thieves from your state government and you will get exactly what you deserve.  In fact, it is not even going to get that far as this whole thing is nothing more than another stalling tactic to offer you hope in the hope that you will keep your wealth tied up in the fiat currency right up until the day the dollar crashes.

Again, you are going to get exactly what you deserve and expect no mercy from those of us not stupid enough to fall for such a con.  What we have said about the fence walking stands true.  Go ahead and climb up on the fence, thinking you are going to reserve the option of jumping down on either side to your advantage.

When this thing happens, it is going to happen fast and those standing on the fence are going to find themselves being blown over to the other side as their adherence to milk-toast patriotism is going to be considered an act of treason in itself.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “Is the Secession Movement Real?

  1. I think Mr. Shivley hit the nail on the head here. I’m going to agree that “the secessionist movement” is probably just another government-run operation that people can latch onto in the hope it will bring about peaceful change, and the result will be that millions will put their faith in it, and waste a lot of valuable time and effort pursuing these false hopes.

    They’ll use it to give people an outlet for their frustrations, and just like the elections, it will result in absolutely no change in government policies.

    One good thing about it is that the one million signatures let’s people know they’re not alone. For every person that signed that thing, I”ll bet there are a few dozen who want to, but are a little bit cautious about exposing themselves to the gov’t as being a dissenter.

  2. I see it more as a peaceful protest movement. I signed it, but I don’t expect anything from it. To me, it’s just a way to give the government the ‘tude finger without being Scott Olsen’ed. I wouldn’t be surprised it that’s the motive of more than one signer.

    What ever. I expect everything to fall completely apart before summer, anyway. Then everyone will share their true colours by either being on the right side of history, or going down as the ultimate, though doomed (and incredibly stupid) useful idiots by actually fighting to keep this unjust, unsustainable status quo going. Quite a show that’s coming up. I guess I’ll be dancin’ in the ruins soon enough.

  3. From the onset I thought and believed this petition drive was a ploy to get names for an “easy-kill” know….a govt list of pathetic cry babbies the Strong arm could round up…

    Hoping to put fear in the rest of us. Just look at some of the recent posts on this web site….all the way from the Election farce to this subject. Cockroaches coming out of the corners of darkness to tell how they voted and why and now Posters in support of AJ’s and R Paul’s BS about non resistance.
    I must marvel as I consider the sheer stupidity and complacency of the dayum SHEEPLE population. It bears repeating….”do you really think the local and state govt’s are any dayum better?” Here in South Carolina we are up to our eyeballs with govt. corruption…and the masses love it so!! Seems we reelect the same homo senator and other would-be/are communist, time and again to public office… Secession?????
    From what pray tell ……We gotta keep our wits our Weapons and our Frontier style courage and prepare to kill this beast. If we fail….IT WILL ELIMINATE ALL OF US.
    All those who would surrender liberty for safety deserve neither….well said Mr. Franklin!
    Those of you whom are to ignorant or dumbed down to realize they are going to rape kill and pilferage had better wake up,…or, from us you had better hide if you refuse to even lift your cowardly fingers to help.
    A purge is coming and it will devastate this nation…….if it kills all of us,….then so be it…….death before dishonour or servitude.

    Dont sign a petition….go buy some prep food and some ammo…get some supplies…….and grow some friggin balls for Christ sakes…….

    Yes it is a good day to die………for them dammit

    1. Hi Oldvet,

      Good to see your about as completely disgusted with our “gov’t” and “elected representatitives” as any one person could be!

      It is this internal notion, and saturation with disgust that causes people to want to act.

      I agree with everything you say except that notional value that a Secessionist Movement provides.

      While I will sign one with a nom-de-plume, it is because I recognize the tangible and implicit value that national movement can garner!

      I agree that a secessionist movement in and of itself is NOT a workable tactic,… that is fine because we don’t need it to be!

      We just need it to start a national campaign of recognition as to how criminal this gov’t, especially Ocrapo and his cabinet of pyschos,… that any state or peoples would even bring up such a subject! (In other words,.. this could be a tool to help wake up the sheeple,.. or at least some portion of the unwashed masses)

      So, although I do not think that a Secessionist Movement has any merit of its self,… it does provide a wealth of secondary benefits that can,.. if done properly,.. help inform and wake people up to the crimes of this gov’t!

      After all,.. the basis of ANY so called “Secessionist Movement” thru-out human history always has a few common features,.. and the most promenient is to,…LIST THE CRIMES OF THE PRESIDING GOV”T! (The main reasons why people want to get rid of their gov’t!)

      Now that is useful! and anyone who doesn’t think that detailing the crimes of a treasonous gov’t to the general public, must be suspect in their motivations.

      JD – US Marines – I Fully Support The Activities Of A Secessionist Movement To Detail The Crimes Of This Treasonous Gov’t.

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    A US Secessionist Movement??


    Caution: It is only a great PR piece to help unify peoples disgust with this perfidious execuse for a government.

    As Mr. Shively correctly states, a “Secession Movement’ in and of itself will do nothing. It is strategically and tactically of little value in bringing about real change or holding any of the criminals parading themselves as our “representatitives” accountable.

    As a PR (Public Relations) tool, let us fully support this campaign for secessionism, keeping in mind it is NOT a legitmate tactic of change, but is only to garner publicity and public support for the kind of activities that can eventually focus on abolishing our treasonous gov’t, and holding the traitors in our midst accountable.

    JD – US Marines – I Fully Support Secessionism as an priliminary step to waking up Americans and abolishing our treasonous gov’t

  5. My perspective, a movement of deception & fraud. A true Secession Movement would have a chance of success, whereas the constant changing bureaucratic battlefield lies & fraud and a few who would compromise at the last minute (sell out) prevent success.

    The most recent movement, I recall anyhow, example “Tea Party”. Started out as a major force. Damn fine idea, but hijacked and compromised, ended in failure. Some of the best ideas & actions come from movements, but have little success when they lose focus and infiltrators take control. Seemingly the whole movement ends up getting driven into a wall.

  6. They think they’re going to ron paul us again… Something reeked about this from the moment it started. One good thing though is it showed those slimy POSs at the top that there are people all over the country who have had enough of their shit.

  7. I had thought to sign this petition when I first heard about it, but decided to wait until more information was posted on it. It sounded too easy.

    I have to agree with JD though, if nothing else, it probably alerted the so-called ‘government’ to a good number of those who were still under the radar until now.

    Give ’em something to think about.

    Good article, Henry.

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