16 thoughts on “Is The Secret Service Trying To Assassinate The Mack Daddy?

  1. “Is the Secret Service trying to assassinate the Barack Hussein Obama?”

    Well if they are, I think it’s only fair that they get on the end of the line.

  2. Wow. I wonder what happened to the link to this story. I tried to insert the one that Paul sent me into the comments, but it comes out as a story about
    a Mother trying to get her Daughter to have a Lesbian affair. Totally different, though I copied the same link. Very Strange.

    1. Yes Angel i just tried to do it too, and it came up with a different one than yours did. something screwy is going on here. Wonder if the powers that be are trying to mess with him.

      Very strange indeed.

        1. I found it. LOL 😉
          (The link in the email that you sent me originally works perfectly. I was confused as to why I couldn’t just post that one. LOL)

          1. still shows up different on Henry’s site though. very suspicious. Mabe their messing with the trenches site.

          2. Yes.
            This was supposed to be a reply to your last comment. I tried 4 times. Each time, it came up as a “Comment” not a “Reply.”

  3. Looking at the chain of command that is in place if something tragic were to happen to Mack Daddy it still equates to a tragedy! When there is nothing but insane pathological liars in that chain its never good. They REALLY SAD part of this is that there are still those that believe that the next selection cycle is going to magically turn the Titanic around mid iceberg strike!

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