Is the Takeover of the United States Now Considered Permissible Because the Communists are Admitting to It?

So what are Americans debating today?  Well if you find yourselves submerged in the false reality of the mainstream propaganda, there are a few.

First, who should retain the spy data being compiled through the total surveillance mechanism known as the NSA?  Last week, the infiltrator Barry Soetoro announced reforms to the NSA and this week we will all be debating the pros and cons, at least the communists will be debating among themselves.

The fact is the very existence of the NSA represents a running violation of the people’s Bill of Rights.  Our national security, in accordance with our founding documents, rests with we the people, as self governing individuals.  Nowhere in our original Constitution did we the people grant our servants the authority to legislate policies to govern our day to day activities, nor the authority to create government police agencies to enforce these unconstitutional dictates.  

When the communists revealed their total surveillance society through their paid agent Edward Snowden, it was a deliberate act and only served to affirm what all thinking people in this country have known for many years.

Upon the revealing, a first group was sent forth to assert the truth.  The NSA is rogue and the warrantless spying on our people is an act of treason being asserted in our country, using international wealth and power to corrupt and overthrow our form of government.

And then, playing to the script, other ‘experts’ start emerging.  Ex-generals, declaring the people’s rights secondary to the considerations of these international criminal cabals’ security agencies.  When they say, “Our security will be put at risk”, what is meant in truth is that the insurgency to overthrow the United States will be put in jeopardy if the surveillance is not allowed to continue.

Back and forth the conversation goes, ignoring the fact that the revealing of the existence of the spying program represents absolute overthrow of the United States.

Second we have Obamacare, 110% an unconstitutional seizure of the wealth of the individual American national.  And again, it is revealed and then opposed, and then championed.  And again, it goes on, as again it is an absolute socialist overthrow of the United States

Finally third, so called immigration reform is a blatant violation and dismissal of our nation’s laws that protect our sovereign borders, which has caused incalculable damage to our infrastructure and standard of living.  And once again the opposition, declaring the unconstitutionality of the invasion and then the proponents that facilitate an argument that should never have been because once again, this is an overthrow of the United States through foreign invasion and the attempted capture of our body politic.

We keep hearing cries for Obama to be impeached.  What a crock of hooey.  This is like telling an army of Jeffrey Dahmers, ‘You eat one more person and we are going to remove your head cannibal and replace him with another cannibal.”

This whole situation has reached the point of lunacy.  Enough of our people are now awakened to remove the communists and restore the Republic, but as our enemy’s most effective tool has been in making the mess so big it is hard to pick a spot to begin, we wait.  But not to worry, our enemy is maniacal and suffers from derangement.  They will provide the catalyst that will lead to their demise as they cannot stop their lust for wealth, power, and blood and will always believe they can get away with just a little bit more.

They fact is they have already crossed the line and are now murdering our people on our streets and in our homes with complete abandon to any thought of reason.  The only question is how many more Kelly Thomases we will endure before the people closest to the situation take the matter into hand as the need to do so simply to survive becomes unarguably evident.

They started out with a homeless man, but it won’t be long until they finally, in order to satisfy their lust, beat a pregnant woman to death in her own home in the same manner.  And remember, these are the people who want you to hand over your guns to them, which displays their total contempt for our existence.

Arm, equip, and train as militia.  Secure your families.  The time grows near.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

13 thoughts on “Is the Takeover of the United States Now Considered Permissible Because the Communists are Admitting to It?

  1. Nope, now’s the time we put them all in chains or ropes
    admitting doesn’t get you an out of jail card, it doesn’t with us against them, so it shouldn’t them against us..time to get mad dog mean about this kind of crap people, there should be upper government in prison , not able to play these games with us

  2. Step out of line the man comes and takes you away was in an old song by the Buffalo Springfield back in the day.As we can clearly see that is precisely what is happening right now!

    1. Yep “Everybody look at whats going down”. 🙂 Same song great group. Was going to post some Buffalow Springfield

      1. The name of the song is “For What It’s Worth” and the first line goes “There’s Something Happening Here..” which inspired my old blog (which has moved to blogspot with the link above, one of a handful of wake-up-message songs from the 60s. Digger or Paraclete or whoever needs to post this song here sometime.

        1. You too can send in songs or information. We play For What It’s Worth every now and again on the broadcast. Guess it’s time to play it again.

  3. the final increments of their incremental-ism are upon us.

    There’s little to discuss these days. Either you’re with us, or you’re with the terrorists.

  4. All the while the enemy is raking the population over the coals (like I whitnessed a local idiot thug cop do today) the average patriot is honing their bayonets razer sharp, and checking their weapons and web gear, as well as training with their militia. I talked to one Grocery store owner today bagging our groceries. The guy runs a great store with great bargains. He also knows everything that we know. There are people who are not looking forward to the coming civil war 2, but are in various stages of getting ready to prosecute it and win. I’m running into that more and more the number of people that see the government responsible for their misery and would love nothing better than making the problem go away. Another funny observation is a very popular sports emporim sells ammo and all kinds of firearems, but also has a knife department. They can’t keep Tomahawks and battle axes in stock. I keep wanting to pick one up myself, but get skunked every time they get a shipment in. Sales men chuckle, and say “call us on Thursday when we unload the trucks.”. By Saturday they are all gone.

    Henry as usual knocks the ball out of the park.

      1. Pretty much the same here too JENO yea,JENO it is a real good way to get banished from town trying to wake people up. My neighbor Pam is about the only one that I trust got woke up a little bit. perhaps more but there again, she doesn`t have much to do in this town either. 🙁 😎

  5. Saw the movie “Assault on Wall Street” on Netflix streaming video last night about a guy who loses his job, house, wife, life savings etc because of Wall St. criminality and so he takes his broker, the Assistant DA who is supposed to handle the fraud case but won’t, and various other Wall St. thugs out with a very big gun and other stuff…I don’t even think this predictive programming will be needed,, and I do see events like this coming very soon in reality. There is only so much injustice or lack of justice people will tolerate.

  6. Apparently, the majority of the people in this country no longer understand the meaning of the word treason. This so-called ‘govt.’/admin has already committed so many OBVIOUS treasonous acts, that this is the only possible explanation.

    Dead on as always, Henry.

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