Is the US Government Planning a False Flag With UFO’s?- Project Bluebeam

planetIntelliHub – by Cassius Methyl

Did you know that in china, people have created holographic UFO’s, and “flown” them over cities? The Chinese people really believed it was an alien spacecraft, it was completely indistinguishable from reality. Yes, it was a holographic “alien fighter ship”, and you can see it on YouTube.

The future is getting quite bizarre, and yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality, except reality is even stranger. Also in China, people have tested entire holographic cities, making an entire holographic cityscape appear on a river, indistinguishable from reality. There exists, the technology for holographic UFO’s, and even omni-present sound, real life sound effects that sound like they are coming from a different direction than the source of the sound.  

So what is “project bluebeam”? It is a theory, more plausible then you may think, that the US government, or other governments, perhaps in cooperation with each other, would stage an alien invasion, announcing to the public that aliens are invading, and that we must unite and trust the governments to secure our peace. They could do so with the technologies detailed above, in order to gain supreme rule after the crisis, perhaps establishing a one world government, or one or many military dictatorships.

Does this sound crazy? Because the people in power have already demonstrated time and time again, that they are psychopaths, so this should not sound implausible. The people in power in America kill hundreds of middle eastern children and call it “acceptable collateral damage”, occasionally laughing while talking about war, convincing people that hundreds of dead children are okay.

These people kill innocents with impunity using drone strikes, poison our water with highly toxic fluoride, spray toxic aerosols in our skies, have caused the Vietnamese people mass birth defects and cancer by spraying poison on them, and have committed the worst, yes, the very worst crimes and most total human rights violations of any entity in our modern era.

The crimes of the “alphabet soup” agencies of the United States government (MK Ultra, Operation Northwoods’ drafting, Kennedy’s Assassination, Hiroshima, and many more) exceed ANYTHING anyone can ever imagine. You cannot comprehend the severity of all these mass murders and crimes, and neither can I. The only people who can fully understand these crimes, are the people who witnessed them. It takes WITNESSING your children being ripped apart by shrapnel from a US drone strike to comprehend the sheer brutality and criminality of it.

Only a psychopath could endorse this and call it moral with a straight face. Only the psychopaths in power would dare try these crimes, and therefore, they could definitely attempt to pull off something as ludicrous as a false flag alien invasion. “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” — said Adolph Hitler.

Hitler is often credited with this statement, but technically he said this same thing in a paragraph that is too long in this article, but the essence of the quote still rings true. A lie so tremendously huge, and an illusion so powerfully huge, could never fail to convince the masses, and this idea is perhaps the best chance the elites have at a one world government- a false flag alien invasion.

Here are a few things that strangely, may indicate that the government and bilderberg group want you to know about aliens- on the anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash, the logo on the front page of, was a functional link to googling “Roswell UFO incident”. When a person clicked on the google logo, they would automatically be directed to googling that. Knowing that the CEO is a bilderberg group member, and that the google logo has previously hosted such propaganda as soldiers hugging children to advocate war, the bilderberg group must want the public to believe in aliens. The logo was actually also a playable mini game, where the character was an alien, so this was probably the google logo that took the very most effort, out of all the different forms that the logo has taken. Why would they put that there, and encourage people to google the Roswell UFO incident?

They must have an interest in it. If there are more monopolized media or known propaganda outlets talking about aliens might now, you might want to really prepare for a UFO false flag. So just remember- if “aliens invade” or start attacking for no reason at all suddenly, realize that in ALL likeliness, it is an illusion, fabricated by the governments , elitists, and people with power in this world. Look out for your loved ones in this situation, and whatever you do, DO NOT follow the orders of government, or go to a FEMA camp or similar facility. If you also think this is a situation to be ready for, don’t forget to share this article or information with a loved one or friend.

6 thoughts on “Is the US Government Planning a False Flag With UFO’s?- Project Bluebeam

  1. As far as China staging holographic alien invasions, I have not heard anything on it, but I have seen some youtube videos showing spaceships hovering over the city of Shanghai, but most of it was just edited footage of a spaceship being over-layed with the city of Shanghai and made it into a mock video or something. The rest of the videos I have seen were just real videos at night with a few unidentified lights here and there but nothing really big or unusual. So I don’t know where the author is getting his information unless someone can point me to the link that the author is talking about.

    While I do believe in Project Blue Beams existence, I also believe the government, since the 80’s if not earlier, has been hiding the true capacity of holographic technology from the people probably for this reason. It’s like they started to come out with some of this technology and then it disappeared from existence and remained hidden under the distractions and booming innovations in computer and Internet technology. People later said holographic technology was too expensive to maintain so they wanted to wait until the technology become more affordable and better maintained which I call bullshit because the same thing could have been said about computer technology at that time.

    My guess is the military probably took it all underground and the only thing you see of holographic technology is in the movies and possibly at huge corporations like Disney, Microsoft, LucasArts (before he sold everything to Disney) and so on. You see some holographic things here and there, but to me, it seems they are greatly suppressing the technology for some reason and Project Blue Beam may be why. It’s like a whole new revolution in technology that could have been kicked off the same time computer technology began rising in the 80’s, but the elite chose to suppress it instead.

    I’m so sick of being suppressed by these psychopaths. I’m so sick of them telling us what we can and cannot learn, know, achieve and/or do. It’s my life and I can do whatever the HELL I WANT!! If those bastards can have holographic technology or any other technology for that matter, then why can’t we? Who died and made them god over us? Their the reason why we are living in this stale state of limbo, preventing us from advancing into something more with their damn Fascist/Communist regulations. It’s like they need a war in order to come out with some new advancing technology, rather than just coming out with it peacefully. The same thing happened with the Industrial Revolution, nuclear power, computer technology such as the Internet. Everyone of them were used as top secret projects in wars and then later after the war was over, the military government gave us permission to use them. Why does the military have to be the first to control all new advances in technology and why the HELL do we need permission from them to use the technology? F**K THEM! This is a government FOR the people BY the people. Not FOR the corporate military BY the corporate military. I’m sick of all this regulatory bullshit!

  2. William Cooper, who predicted 9/11 months ahead and was murdered in November 2001 by government thugs, said the next big thing the government would use to scare people would be the threat of an alien invasion.

  3. I don’t doubt that this could be true and that the gov would use it for the stated purpose.I do however think that with more and more people wakeing up that this will be harder to pull off now than it would have been, say, two years ago.I still have that feeling that what ever they have planned will be something that will fall out of the sky and will be something we least expect.

  4. They have in fact been kicking this scheme around for years. When “War of the worlds” was first broadcasted over the radio back in the 1930’s or 40’s, we have been been told that many people panicked, not realizing that it was just a science fiction tale. The fact is that it was not presented, or broadcasted as such. The unscheduled broadcast was a psychological warfare operation to study the public’s reaction.
    The globalist H.J. Wells (author of such books as “The New World Order”) was personally involved in the operation, along with many other globalists of his time.

  5. In 1962 JFK commissioned a study to determine the most viable and credible threats to all mankind, globally, but not neccessarily (ahem) legitimate. It wasn’t released until ’66. It was titled “The Iron Mountain Report”.

    # 1 on the list was “Climate Change”. Sound familiar?

    # 2 on the list was (fake) “Alien Invasion”.

    # 1 has not gone well for them.

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