Is there love in space?

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  1. JiggaJew says:

    He’s no Ben Garrison, but is marginally more talented than a four year old. Kudos!

  2. galen says:

    Is there love in space? Hmmm… Some say it’s everywhere, often disguised. Sometimes we disguise it ourselves. It can also be ruthless, to make a point, you know. Or tender. To make a point, you know. Once I saw it on 5th Street. It had no feet and was shivering. It also showed up in a remote area of the pacific northwest, town of Chiloquin, where two seem to perpetually deliver a gift of gifts with recipients coming away intellectually fed, more focused, inspired. That’s a pretty rare kind of love. In space, it may be harder to define, space being as malleable as it is and as vast, and unknown. Space is very big. Bigger. Maybe love even exists in hell, always offering a way out. Mysterious it is, this thing called love.


  3. flee says:

    Artist:Joe Satriani

    Song: Lifestyle

    Album: Is There Love In Space.?

  4. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    I’ll try those ribs

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