Is this the End of CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC

My Fellow Patriots:
For Anyone Who Does NOT Think The Mass-Lying-Media Is Anything Less Then 100% Scripted/Controlled
If you ever have someone who argues with you about whether the Mass-Lying-Media is anything less than 100% scripted/controlled (Zionist-communist controlled actually),… let them watch this,…. it’s only 1:38 (Minute – 38 seconds). If they still don’t get it after seeing this, have them play spaceman by putting a clear plastic bag over their head and using a rubber band to get a nice air tight seal on the neck,… they’re already brain dead anyway, so technically they just need their body to catch up. – JD

Nov 14, 2020
The script came from Sinclair Broadcast Group, the country’s largest broadcaster, which owns or operates 193 television stations. Obviously they do this everyday with National Stories.

6 thoughts on “Is this the End of CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC

    1. Hi Ed Teach,

      Yeah, glad you caught that,… all of them “independent” news networks mysteriously utter the same exact news cast, WORD-FOR-WORD, complete with the same exact glaring error, “… this is dangerous to our DEMOCRACY”!

      The simple fact is, there has never been a “Democracy” here on the North American continent in the entire history of the planet! (Uh-Oooooo!,… better get Maaco,… someone just had a collision with facts and it looks pretty ugly!)

      For those who’s memory is little fogged by the fluoride in their water or their GMO Foods, or the neuro-toxins in Chem-trails, or maybe their latest vaccine(s),…. or all the above….

      We are suppose to have a limited form of representative, self-rule called a Republic (currently we actually have a Zionist controlled Narco-Facist-Communist terrorist organization called the US Federal Gov’t that calls itself,… WAIT FOR IT!,…… (drum rolll),… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrupp! A DEMOCRACY, (Horns blaring) Ta-DAAAAAA!!! (Yeeeaaaaaaa!!!! people clapping, camera’s flashing, balloons and confetti dropping and an announcer faintly in the background,… “thank hew!,… thnk hew all!,…. thnk hew…. thnk hew…….), and before the revolution which gave us this “Republic”, we were under the British Crown as a Monarchy, and the English settlers before that were here under CONTRACT by the Monarchy, and before any English settlers you had the American Indians who’s political structure was based on Theology, and before them were small groups of tribes dominated by the strongest, and before people, you had animals who were preceded by the dinosaurs,… none of which were a ,… “Democracy”.

      WAIT!!!,… if all them Rhodes Scholars called news presenters can’t get even the most simple fact right,….. (scratching my head waiting for the 1/4 watt light bulb to come on….),….maybe,…. their wrong about everything else too!!! (It’s at a moment like this, the scene switches to dramatic music while looking up at the big black monolith from Kubick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey…)

      Ok class, enough for today’s history lesson, now go sharpen your knifes, load your magazines, and clean your guns,… there’s about to be shit-fight in this “Democracy”…….

      JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny: I love the smell of their complete stupidity in the morning,… it smells like,….. victory! (Apologies to “Apocalypse Now”)

    2. My thoughts exactly!

      We are a Republic, NOT a Democracy.

      Remember the pledge of allegiance:

      “..And to the Republic for which it stands”

      NOT to the Democracy.

  1. Yeah we should hope this is the end of them
    I’m not so sure yet
    As far as the democracy bullshit

    They say Democracy is the will of the majority, right ?
    Well so is gang rape , and I’m sick of these fukers gang raping us all

    “ And to the Republic for which it stands “

    Yeah get it right you uneducated simps

  2. I’ve seen this “dangerous to our democracy” thing so often I’ve lost count, but I laugh every time…Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah! (Never mind telling these idiots this is a Republic….)

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