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Is Your Thinking Your Own – Or Someone Else’s?

Waking Times – by Elva Thompson

We live in a world where everything is crooked – lies masquerade as truth and it’s hard to find a straight path…. There seems to be no limit to the madness going on around us – ethics, morals, common sense and compassion have been thrown under the bus of profit. In this 21st century, hate and division are rampant in every level of society. Millions of people have flipped their humanity switch to off, and unplugged from the heart – we are a divided and manic species.  

Keeping Us Off Balance

Many people no longer watch tv or mainstream news – they are aware of the fabricated narrative put out by the media…the forty percent fear porn and programming, thirty percent sports and entertainment, twenty percent intrigue, nine percent half-truths and one percent a cuddly bunny feel good story.

The mass media is all about controlling our thinking, and has become the propaganda marketing project for the psychopaths that run the world.  The kaleidoscope of fake news and disinformation projected into our minds is designed to affect us emotionally: to make us afraid of a made up bogeymen, a pandemic that’s just around the corner – or an invasion by the Russians or Chinese. This fear based propaganda keeps us in a state of insecurity and we eventually turn on each other – race, religion, class, any person or group/nation that runs a different programme presents a threat to an unbalanced mind.

Our minds are being manipulated by a whole host of ‘occult fixers’ that hide behind the puppet politicians. Their end-game is world domination and absolute control over the hive mind of the worker bees called humanity….and they have moved slowly and deliberately through the shadowed centuries towards their global goal.

Is it any wonder, that in today’s ‘whirled’ we become confused and unable to keep up with- or understand, the rapidly changing and contrary nature of the political climate we live in.

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13 Responses to Is Your Thinking Your Own – Or Someone Else’s?

  1. KOYOTE says:

    WELL SAID……………………

  2. Clarioncaller says:

    Between 18 U.S.C. 1001, Subsection A&B and repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act, government liars and propagandizers can spew their craft without any legal sanctions. Now you can get a sense of why nobody is going to jail for their [apparent] crimes.

    • Enemy of the State says:

      That’s because their punishment isn’t going to come from our crooked and illegitimate illegal courts

      It’s going to have to come from your hands and mine and every other US Nationals dark long 30 cal hole

    • KOYOTE says:


  3. William Driscoll says:

    Personally, it is obvious since the internet became popular that the MSM was going to lose the narrative that was easily controlled since Clinton took office and got progressively worse when George Bush was elected. Now George Bush was not as morally corrupt as Bill Clinton, but what was worse was Dick Cheney was his vice president that really directed the policy of the Bush administration. Hence, the illegal invasion of Iraq and the threats of you are not with us you are a terrorist which was very much promoted against the MSM. MSM bought in knowing that the relationship with the Bush Administration was their only life raft to salvation.

    I got rid of my TV some 25 years ago because it insulted my reasoning of what was happening in the world. I am just an ordinary curious individual that always wonders about life and is in constant search of what is real.
    Now the government has taken control over the internet. Heck, for what I am posting now the government could detain by my government legally justifiable reason without access to legal counsel. That is how far we have come. I feel I am living in the 1700’s with British soldiers living in my house.

    But what really told me that the US that I dearly love and would have died for defending 40 years ago was the election of Barak Obama. The bait and switch of Barak Obama was so obvious that I could not believe a word from any politician. Here is a graduate from Harvard Law that majored in constitutional law allow and he has no problems at all passing laws t in our face take away our constitutional rights. It was not bad enough that he pardon the Bush Administration for torture and lies that lead to the Illegal invasion of Iraq and the approving the bail out of Wall Street with no accountability, no he made our Country out to be Nazi Germany during WWII.

    We all have to face it. even Princeton University did a study and acknowledged not so long ago that we no longer have a democracy in the US, we have a oligarchy. I understand that people are inundated with high medical insurance, outrageous and unjustified college tuition and so many other financial matters that they stay laser focused for providing of their families. It seems that is MSM purpose is to remind us that we are all vulnerable to the whims of unregulated and unrestrained psycopaths that are controlling are government all for the greed of money and more money.

    We in the US in these time will go down in history as the general German population did during the reign of Nazi Germany.

    God bless America and stop this madness.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      You seem like a real decent fella and you are almost clear back into reality.
      All right Trenchers, I’ll start out, but the rest of you all have to finish it, because it is Friday evening and I’m sitting here trying to get wasted in peace.
      Okay, here goes.
      This is not a democracy, never has been, never will be. This country was founded as a Republic with an emphasis on the rights of the individual, with an absolute Bill of Rights that could never be denied or disparaged.
      After the so called Civil War, the 14th Amendment was enacted in direct violation of the 9th Article of our people’s Bill of Rights. It is not the united States of America, my friend, it is the fraudulent, treasonous United States Corporation of America, Title 28 definition 15 United States Codes. Treason, a direct violation of the 9th Article of our people’s Bill of Rights.
      In 1933, we were all fraudulently transformed from individual free nationals for the united States of the Americas to us and everything we owned, becoming the property, hence the subjects, of a corporate aristocracy. They are the ones that changed the common definition of a corporation from a pretend person to a real one.
      All right, my fellow subject, some live in the unfiltered sadly sick true reality of the situation. Come enjoy your life with the rest of your fellow subjects, enjoying the over abundance of privileges and immunities that our corporate lordship had bestowed upon us as subjects, rather than that ratified old law called the Bill of Rights and the pure fact that their whole operation is a fraud.
      They are not our government, if they were they would be our bitches instead of the pimps they are.
      Too thirsty to go on, somebody else take over.

    • galen says:

      Hello William. You have made some powerful points. Thank you. Henry’s words tell what’s been lost and what needs to be retaken by restoring The Bill of Rights and The Common Law. It’s not easy to realize the whole political platform is false and does not have our well-being in mind. Every day we’re moved more fully into a police state with unending prohibitive laws and creepy surveillance. And all the resources of this land are stolen from us by corporate greed, leaving many American Nationals struggling to get by, or worse, homeless. This is what those who have taken over America have created.

      I won’t list all the wrongs being placed on us as you are quite aware of many of them already, but will say that many have been identifying just WHO it is that has us in their clutches. The WHO turns out to be Israel. Training our police, involving themselves in our politics, extracting billions of dollars from us, and sending our young to fight their wars. Then there’s the old saying of “follow the money” which leads to Jewish-run mega banks, media, medicine, academia, entertainment, travel, science, pharmacology, art, etc. Freedom-lovers see the overtake and the imbalance and many are working to change that by exposing corruption and standing ready to fight tyranny. There are even some decent Jews of conscience who are standing up to this planetary oppression.

      William, you say, “We in the US in these times will go down in history as the general German population did during the reign of Nazi Germany.” I have to refuse this charge. I want to go down in history as one who fought for each individual’s freedom and for The Bill of Rights that guarantees that freedom. History gives us Patrick Henry, and many unnamed others who fought and died for liberty. That famous quote says, “History is written by the victors.” It is our time to be victorious and write the truth. Henry Shivley is pointing the way, like no other alive today. Glad to have met you, William.


  4. Jill says:

    Well started Henry. My advice to William Driscoll is to continue reading the articles posted here as well as the comments. If possible to listen to the broadcast or archives to catch up with the Trenchers. I am too tired to say more at this time.

  5. DL. says:

    Take Henry’s comment as well as Jill’s to heart Mr. Driscoll, and know that I didn’t know any of this until one day in 1992 I was stopped for no seat belt. A so-called “patriot” who convinced me he knew what he was talking about had told me to write a certain so-called common law phrase on the ticket and sign it, and not pay the fine, which I didn’t. So a year later when my daughter I was breast-feeding was 8 months old I got put into jail over this for a few days (at least I was able to pump some breast milk!). Then, a year later, having not paid the fine still, I was put in jail for “failure to appear” (that is, pay the fine!). Then a loved one got thrown into jail (after the cops beat him up) for a similar “violation” of the “privilege to drive” (not the common law RIGHT TO TRAVEL!), so because this person was thrown in jail while a PASSENGER in a car without a license plate, I had to pay the fine (who else would take care of my two kids?). The RIGHT TO TRAVEL as in the Bill of Rights being “superseded” by the “privilege to drive” (Act of 1871 and 14th Amendment UCC crapola!) and the fact that this event happened got me on the road to truth.

    Meanwhile, that so-called patriot that was scamming us then turned to scamming the entire state of Texas in 1996 and 1997. His name? Rick McLaren, “leader” of the “Republic of Texas” movement which was a gun running and money laundering scam using the bogus Washitaw Nation “run” by “Queen Dugdamoundya”–WHO WAS BLACK, not Native American! The “Republic of Texas Standoff” happened in my neck of the woods, about two or three miles from our house. Our subdivision was on total lockdown.

    So why should you listen to Henry? Because Henry knows of what he speaks and would never scam you.

  6. galen says:

    On the article… Well, it was a bit too new age for me. Some good points but then it floats off into metaphysics, which is fine for those who have a taste for such, but…

    The thing that got me though… at the end she thanks Zen Gardner who a few years ago was exposed for being one of the leaders of the pedo cult, Children of God, also known as The Family International. He was in it for decades and was in charge of their media, raunchy weekly pamphlets that attracted the young to the cult. Zen tumbled from grace, and I don’t think he ever came clean or repented. He was in that organization for DECADES. Perhaps the author did not know this about Zen (real name Don Ferguson) but whenever I see his name I can’t keep my mouth shut. Many sad stories here from those who suffered horrible trauma from being in The Family:



  7. H D says:

    I hear guys I know how they own there farms and I keep telling them they own nothing miss one are two tax bills and see how fast they put it up for sale at the count house steps , that’s get them to thinking

  8. KOYOTE says:


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