ISIS 2.0: Scriptwriters Try to Fix Gaping Hole in ISIS 1.0 Story Line, “Jews and Israel” Now also Targets

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ITNT – False news reports are easily debunked, especially when you catch them early. Like Reuters their latest ISIS propaganda in which they claim to have knowledge of secret ISIS audio recordings broadcasted by the newly manufactured persona “Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi” – the new “ISIS leader”.

Reuters claims that the voice in the recordings is al-Salbi’s (Abdullah Qardash, a.k.a. al-Hashimi al-Quraishi, who’s been dead since 2017).

At least for two more reasons, other than al-Salbi already being dead, is it safe to assume that, with this, Reuters has started spreading fake news again just a few hours ago.

Wherever you search, there’s not one media outlet that has those recordings. You just have to take Reuters’ word for it that they actually exist:


The second reason why Reuters their new narrative manufacturing is so glaringly obvious, aside from al-Salbi already being dead, is revealed in the message itself, that Reuters and Rita Katz now want you to consume and believe.

They claim that al-Salbi (al-Hashimi al-Quraishi) is now urging Muslims to attack Jews and Israel. By spinning the narrative in this way, the scriptwriters are trying to fix the gaping hole in the initial ISIS story line.

More and more people found it suspicious that ISIS 1.0 never attacked Israel. On the contrary, alleged ISIS fighters were brought to Israeli hospitals for medical assistance.

That story line error is what they now want to fix (as they make up stuff along the way). This is how they will try to make you believe that ISIS 2.0 is much more brutal and, of course, more dangerous.

Now that “the Jews” and Israel are the targets of the “virtual organization in cyberspace” called ISIS 2.0, also neo-Nazi groups might seek cooperation with “Islamic State”. Such a honeypot, of course, is something that the Israeli spy agencies surely must have had in mind when they rewrote the ISIS story line earlier.

Interestingly, at the same time that these false claims are being spread, The Base (“al Qaeda” in Arabic), an alleged neo-Nazi militia, is also prominently in the news. Reports claim that The Base founder is a government agent.

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