ISIS Member: ISIS Mobilizing In NYC! Attacks Soon, Promises Destruction Of America, Turn American Children Into ISIS Slaves!

[propaganda ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!  They are coming! Leave everything!  Run for your lives!  If you love your old and infirm, put them down, you do not want the swarming hordes from ISIS to take them alive!  

Head to Canada! When you get to the border, declare yourself a refuge.  Demand to see someone from the American consulate. Demand your right to $252 Canadian dollars per day, free health care, housing, schooling for your children (if they weren’t too infirm and you didn’t leave them behind), food, and you ladies, don’t forget your human right to a pedicure and to have your hair done.  I’m sure the Canadians will welcome us in and if they don’t we will seek sanctuary in their churches.  

So save yourselves while there is still time!


Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

In this brand new video just released by VICE News, VICE speaks to a member of ISIS who drops a major bombshell right off the bat, “a lot of brothers are mobilizing in New York”, preparing to launch attacks. VICE founder Shane Smith speaks with the man, believed to be 21-year-old Somali-Canadian Abu Usamah Somali, and what he says here in this video should be enough to shake any American who thinks that ISIS won’t be coming here, whether FOR REAL or via CIA false flag.

“We won’t stop until American children are our slaves” we are warned, while sharing that their flag will one day be flying over the White House (if it’s not ALREADY flying INSIDE of the White House!) and America is destroyed. Is it only a coincidence that ‘ISIS’ seems to share many of the same goals as the ‘New World Order’?

10 thoughts on “ISIS Member: ISIS Mobilizing In NYC! Attacks Soon, Promises Destruction Of America, Turn American Children Into ISIS Slaves!

  1. Funny how you don’t even have to watch the video to know it’s a crock of shite. I’m amazed that people are gullible enough to believe this nonsense.

  2. Nothing 168 grains of high velocity love and understanding can’t cure
    What’s the problem?

    1. After enough are killed, dig a mass grave.
    2. Put the corpes in the mass grave.
    3. Get a pig, (as many as needed), kill it, and suspend it over the corpes in the mass grave. (a forklift, high boy, or block and tackle will work)
    4. Cut the pig’s throat and bleed said pig’s blood all over the corpes in the mass grave while filming. (Swing that pig around a bit)
    5. After the pig has bled out, gut the pig so internals go all over the corpes in the mass grave while filming.
    6. After the pig is empty of all “contents”, drop the pig into the mass grave on to the corpes while filming.
    7. Cover said mass grave with dirt while filming.
    8. Mark the mass grave with the biggest cross you can find while filming.
    9. Post said film on the Internet; all over the Internet.

    These clowns believe that they cannot enter heaven? paradise? get virgins in the after life? whatever? because of the above.

    This will achieve two things.
    1) Take the wind out of the sails of the believing muslums that wish to do us harm.
    2) Identify who’s who in the zoo that’s not muslum; you know, the ring knockers and weenie waggers.

    Any questions? Got pork?

  3. All I can say is BRINGING IT want to dance on American soil..shut the F*ck up and let’s do this……wake the sleeper cells up.
    Time to take the trash out.. one round at a time..

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    ISIS is going to, “Destroy America & Turn Us All Into Slaves!” ???

    Hey ISIS,.. to late!

    The Zionist International Bankster Jews,.. with, The Federal Reserve,.. have already done that.

    Got anything more orginal than that??

    JD – US Marines – Does anyone else have the feeling that the ISIS,.. and the International-Jews are reading from the same script?


  5. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..Re-runs put me to sleep. Anyone in DC have anything new and original? I guess Hollywood really is bought out by China.

    1. Speaking of Hollywood buying out China, has anyone noticed how all of the shows and movies this past year all have some part of China incorporated in it for no reason other than to subliminally brainwash people into embracing the Chinese culture. From Transformers to the new show Gotham (as if Bruce Wayne’s family was killed in Chinatown and that Gotham City ever had a Chinatown. I mean come on. It’s ridiculous!), everything has to have some Chinatown or Chinese writing or Chinese scene in it. It pisses me off! Don’t make it so obvious or anything.

      I mean if there were shows that incorporated Korea or England or Germany or the Middle East, or mixture then I can understand. But EVERYTHING no matter how minute has to have something Chinese in it. It’s ridiculous!

      I guess since the bastards are buying up all our cities and property and AMC theaters, then the bastards are trying to force our country to turn Chinese or something.

      A damn friggin’ invasion is what it is. If it ain’t the illegals at the border, it’s the damn Chinese. If it ain’t either one of them, it’ll probably be the damn Russians.

      This crap needs to end before they take whatever we have left and leave us for dead. When will enough be enough?

      It’s way passed time to fight back.

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