ISIS plots to poison food in US, UK supermarkets

Arutz Sheva

Following a wave of ramming attacks across Europe, as well as more conventional terror attacks including stabbings, shootings, and bombings, the ISIS terror organization is preparing a silent terror wave against American and British consumers.

While recent attacks in continental Europe have drawn front-page coverage around the globe, including a pair of attacks in Spain last month which left 16 civilians dead, ISIS terrorists have been quietly laying the groundwork for a far less bombastic – but potentially deadly – plot against the US and UK.  

Security experts have uncovered evidence Islamic State terrorists are plotting to poison food in supermarkets across the US and Britain, according to a report by SITE Intelligence Group, an American terrorism monitor.

According to SITE, ISIS has been instructing members in the West to inject a cyanide-based mixture into food being sold at supermarkets.

Since Iraqi security forces recaptured Mosul from ISIS in July, additional evidence of a terror plot targeting Western food supplies was found, the Italian ANSA news outlet reported.

Evidence of poisoned food tests were found in Mosul, with Iraqi prisoners used as “human guinea pigs”, the Daily Mail reported.

While the recent calls for poisoning supermarket supplies in the West is not the first of its kind, it appears to be the first coordinated, large-scale effort involving poison.

In 2016, a 22-year-old man who claimed allegiance to ISIS was charged with lacing cocaine with pesticides, then distributing the laced drugs at nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, ABC reported.

7 thoughts on “ISIS plots to poison food in US, UK supermarkets

  1. Lacing food in the SFO area..

    Are you sure that’s not a good thing.?

    The physiological mind control of fear has been kicked up to a level that weak programmed minds will cower in a fetal position in a corner.

    Begging for pacifiers.

    Sucking your thumbs.

    Like Lloyd Christmas in the bathroom stall scene in Dumb and Dumber.

    Good ol Seabass.

    Manly love.


  2. Acronym SITE means Search for International Terrorist Entities. The head leader is Rita Katz. Any conspiracy theorist will remind you about the fakery of the ISIS beheading videos and Rita…..Beware of disinformation.

  3. “Security experts…”

    Really nothing more to say, this says everything and nothing.

    Stuff your “security” info., all of it.

    What a joke.

    1. You nailed it Katie.
      We should probably beware the “security experts.”
      When they’re saying it, they’re doing it.

  4. Whatever ISIS is going to do here in the US, it won’t be a regular terrorist attack with bombs or guns.
    Americans would hold the governments feet to the fire for a violent and absolute response or they would do it themselves. That type of situation can’t be allowed, it’s bad for CFR business.

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