9 thoughts on “ISIS TERROR THREAT

  1. Suggested to me by an ex-SEAL;

    Photograph for US Military tattoos, faces, etc., on your takedowns (if possible)
    Cut hair samples for labs and DNA analysis for Jewish lineage connections

  2. Yawn!

    I think the narrative on this one is missing two kinds of people giving two ridiculously important lines:

    Media: “Oh and just a reminder, before going to the mall, wear a mask and don’t forget to get vaccinated, everyone!”

    Joey: “Trust me, you won’t feel safe from terror threats unless you get vaccinated. No joke…I’m being serious here.”

    So there you have it, folks. The narrative concludes that we should all get vaccinated. Everything will go back to normal then and all warmongers will live in peace and harmony with us and sing, “Kumbaya!”

      1. That didn’t click right away, Martist.
        In fact the click happened a wee bit later, outside with the dogs.
        It clicked the same time looking over and seeing one of the dogs pinching one.
        I’m not kidding.
        Now that’s a cohencidence.

        Thank you.

        1. LOL Poor fella can’t speak the language the way we’d understand him and he had a clue brewing. Good pups. God love em because I know I love mine. You can always count on them! 🙂

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