ISIS™ Weapons “Property of the U.S. Government”

The assault rifles all have the same engraving:American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

Would you like to know who owns the majority of  ISIS’s weapons? You do. The U.S. taxpayer.

A report is out this morning making the rounds on various news sites from Conflict Armament Research, an organization that tracks small arms and munitions through various conflict zones, which shows a good percentage of arms captured from “ISIS” fighters are actually the property of the U.S. government.  

Spleeters pointed out that all the U.S.-made assault rifles use cartridges that measure 5.56x45mm — which means they require a kind of ammunition that is scarce in Syria.

The 18 page CAR report (PDF) opens with a picture of an M16 style assault rifle made in the U.S. for the military. Under the “key findings” section found on page 6, they start off with this:

M79 90 mm anti-tank rockets captured from
IS forces in Syria are identical to M79 rockets
transferred by Saudi Arabia to forces operating
under the ‘Free Syrian Army’ umbrella in 2013.
But the most interesting find may have been the anti-tank rockets from the former Yugoslavia — the team documented two that had been captured from ISIS by Kurdish fighters in Syria.

The report is generating a little press. The Washington Post claims the weapons were “taken” from the moderate Syrian terrorists we armed. The New York Times dutifully comes to the same conclusion. So does Press TV for that matter.


The study, conducted by the London-based small-arms research organization Conflict Armament Research, documented arms captured by Kurdish forces from militants over a period of 10 days toward the end of July.

According to the investigation, the ISIL militants have been using “significant quantities” of arms including M16 assault rifles marked “property of the US government’.

The weapons were originally given to the so-called moderate anti-government militants in Syria, the study found. Press TV

You might recall back in July “ISIS” was reported to be driving around in U.S. Humvees and supposedly had “52 U.S.-supplied artillery pieces with GPS aiming systems.”

ISIS and their new looking U.S. Humvee.

Anybody remember this image? The USAID logo says “from the American people”

“ISIS and USAID: from the American people”

On a side note, the interwebs are reporting that the social media expert running “ISIS’s” media campaign is a privileged kid, son of an endocrinologist from Boston. It just so happens that James Foley was also from Boston.

al Jazeera had to retract their article raising questions about the legitimacy of the ridiculously obvious staged “beheading” videos.

2 thoughts on “ISIS™ Weapons “Property of the U.S. Government”

  1. These are among the billions of dollars of weapons given to Israel to help them “fight” in Gaza.
    Funny how they ended up in the hands of ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services).
    Why do you think Obama and nearly everyone on the Propaganda Screen keep trying to call it ISIL or IS.
    Let’s all work to keep them from getting away with it.

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