Israel Attacks Another Syrian Missile Cache Weeks After Russian Missile Attack

israel-bomb-syria-missileStory Leak – by Anthony Gucciardi 

Just two weeks after it came to light that Israel attacked a Russian missile compound in Syria in an act that may have been related to the massive 160,000 troop Russian ‘combat ready’ drill, new reports have surfaced that Israel has once again bombed Syrian missiles via Israeli air force jets.   

Reports coming in from Arutz Sheva (Israeli National News) detail the latest attack by Israel, this time hitting trucks that were said to be carrying Syrian missiles headed for a Hizbulla warehouse in Lebanon. The story then goes on to cite other sources, such as the Voice of Israel radio service and Israel’s i24 News. Another Israeli publication, ‘Israel Hayom’ is also now reporting that the Syrian rebel’s Facebook page Facebook “claims [the] convoy carried warheads for long-range missiles.”

These rebels, of course, are the Syrian rebels that the United States government is adamantly funding thanks to the continued push by the Obama administration to grant the rebels both arms and direct financing. The same rebels that publicly behead Christians who fail to convert to Islam and swear themselves to the Syrian rebels, tax innocents to financial turmoil who do not immediately swear loyalty, and of course utilize child soldiers as young as 14-years-old.


This is the fifth admitted strike by Israel this year on Syrian arms that were apparently bound for Hizbullah. It is also the latest strike to follow the massive ‘combat readiness drill’ initiated by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, which I believe is directly related to the Israeli strike on Russian missiles in Syria that preceded the drill. As ordered by Putin, everything from strategic bombers and naval ships were ordered to meet a state a combat readiness along with 160,000 troops from various regions — an exercise that was ignored by the media in light of the Trayvon Martin case.

The real question to ask here is whether or not Israel is actually intending to generate conflict in order to have an excuse to go in and obliterate Syria as a whole. Ultimately, as the US and Russia fund both sides of the Syrian conflict (Russia funds Assad and US funds the Syrian rebels I profiled earlier), we enter an increasingly hotter scenario. Business Insider was already calling it an ‘all out proxy war’ back in January.

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