Israel Calling For The Third Temple To Be Built

Published on Mar 27, 2014 by Blaine Cooper

The Third Temple, or Ezekiel’s Temple, is a Jewish Holy Temple architecturally described and prophesied in the Book of Ezekiel, a house of prayer for all people with a sacrificial service. It is noted by Ezekiel as an eternal edifice and permanent dwelling place of the God of Israel on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Daniel 8:14.  Once the 7 year covenant is confirmed (Daniel 9:27) it will take the Jews 220 days to build the temple.  It all has to come to pass and in a very short time frame.

2 thoughts on “Israel Calling For The Third Temple To Be Built

  1. Ezekiel’s temple? Why not just create the temple of Solomon to further jump start the apocalypse and get it over with, since that marks the end of times, doesn’t it? Isn’t that when the two witnesses are supposed to come into play, according to the book of Revelation?

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