Israel-Palestinian Peace Summit: What Happened? Nothing.

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WEB Notes: So nothing happened at the Israel-Palestinian Peace Summit that neither of them were a part of, imagine that! No, Israel was not divided and the world did not fall a part. This should not be a surprise to anyone, we wrote, “January 15th: 70 Nations Will Meet At The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit” stating as much would happen. Do not be one of these people who falls into the traps laid by those in the media, mainstream or not. Nothing was going to happen at this Summit as it was not on the agenda. It was not possible to divide Israel as some stated would happen. Use common sense folks and learn to think for yourself.

The much-discussed Paris Middle East Conference ended Sunday with a rather bland statement reaffirming support for a two-state solution, and a call to stop violence and “ongoing settlement activity.”

Some 70 countries and international organizations, including the foreign ministers of more than 30 states, attended the conference, which included neither Israeli nor Palestinian participants.

Kerry assured Netanyahu that there would be no follow- up to the Paris conference in the Security Council, according to the sources.

And, in fact, the statement made no reference to a further Security Council resolution, but did call for a follow-up conference by the end of the year “to support both sides in advancing the two-state solution through negotiations.”

Source: Paris conference ends with endorsement of two-state solution – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

World Events and the Bible

2 thoughts on “Israel-Palestinian Peace Summit: What Happened? Nothing.

  1. This is commonly known as ” A Dog and Pony show”. I have performed many of these through out my career. Many under extreme stress conditions. It looks great to the Family of the deceased that you’re doing your absolute best to revive a patient but all along you know the patient is DEAD..

  2. “It was not possible to divide Israel as some stated would happen.”

    400+ jew nukes guaranteed THAT.

    No peace for ANYONE, as long as the jews are still breathing our air.

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