Israel Stands Alone as Zion Faces Destruction

A recent report coming out of Israel via The Times of Israel shows the dilemma the wannabe conquerors find themselves in, considering the international awakening to the reality of Zionism.  For the past 64 years, the Zionists have enjoyed the status as the victims of the German holocaust.

However now, thanks to our Creator and the internet, the peoples of the world, and most importantly, the peoples of the United States have become aware of the reality of Zionism and the fact that there are different sects of Jews, most notably those of Jesus Christ and then the Khazars, the evil corrupt Jews of money and power.

The Khazars have always been quite willing to sacrifice the Jewish people as surely as Jesus Christ himself was condemned by the Priests of the Sanhedrin.  The fact is the Zionists believe themselves elite to every other life form upon this planet, including the American Christian.

The Zionists are infiltrated deep within our government and represent the heart of the insurgency bent on our destruction.  But as they are being discovered, their power is diminishing, thus their present dilemma.

Part of the article from The Times of Israel states:

Obama does not want to intervene militarily before the presidential elections in November, and it is doubtful that he would act afterwards, runs the Israeli assessment, the TV report said. Obama may believe that the US can live with a nuclear Iran, but Israel cannot, the report quoted those in “Netanyahu’s circle” as saying.

The assertion here that the US would not be pulled into a conflict if Israel attacks Iran is erroneous to the extreme as Obama has already taken a knee and kissed the ring of Zion or he would not be President of the United States.  Not to mention the fact that thanks to the traitors within our government, the US is bound by treaty contract to intervene.

The article’s next assertion claims:

As for presidential challenger Mitt Romney, he takes a more forceful position, but would probably not have the domestic support necessary to act in the first year of his presidency, if elected, and after that it would be too late.

Again erroneous, as Romney has not only taken a knee and kissed the ring of Zion, but has declared his intent to invade Iran for the Zionists.  As for public support, if Romney is elected, it will be a consequence of the most blatant voter fraud since the days of Stalin and of course the consent of we the people will have been dismissed utterly.

No, the reason the Israelis find themselves in their current position is because the people of the United States are already in a revolution.  And when we take back the wealth and power of our nation from the Zionists they will be right where they deserve to be and that is standing toe to toe on an even playing field with the peoples they have invaded and committed genocide upon for the last 64 years.

They do have over 200 nuclear warheads, but if they dare begin unleashing them all over the Middle East, they will be destroyed by Russia and China as their countries border the region.  It is time that Zion be confronted and brought to justice.

God help we Americans and the peoples of the world to make sure they fight their own battle this time.

14 thoughts on “Israel Stands Alone as Zion Faces Destruction

  1. They have promised to unleash the 200+ nuclear warheads against all of humanity and not just the middle east nations if they are threatened.

    Vile – Evil the same four letters used to describe these self centered zionist scum with their occult symbolism flag seeking to take over the world just the same as the nazis occult flag was used under Hitler to take over the world.

    How many decent people have to suffer oppression worldwide because of these scumbags. 50%? 70%? or 99.9%?

  2. The sooner the zio regime is deposed, the sooner Jewish people living in the area currently designated “State of Israel” will be living in peace and genuine prosperity.

  3. “They do have over 200 nuclear warheads, but if they dare begin unleashing them all over the Middle East, they will be destroyed by Russia and China as their countries border the region.”

    The last count I saw was over 400 nukes. I have this information somewhere on a dvd, or in one of my books, but I have so many that it would be extremely time-consuming to find.

    Could some one please do me a favor, and research this on the internet, and either confirm it or not. It would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yea I heard it was 400 nukes, too in many articles. Not sure which ones but I know it was at least 400, if not more.

    2. It is like the unemployment number. To pretend anyone knows the true number would be naive. To pretend anyone knows what Israel conceals in secret is just as ludicrous.

        1. Wow! Saying there is over 200 instead of over 4,000 nukes is like saying there were over 200 people at the opening ceremony of the Olympics rather than over 18,000. I mean come on that’s a BIG difference…How can you possibly play down those numbers? Ridiculous.

  4. These comments are a breath of fresh air. Let:s hope that it is not too late for at least a significant portion of the American people to WAKE THE F#@K UP!

  5. Thanks, Clark. I’ve always assumed that 400+ was a very low number, knowing how those Zionists love their ‘Golem’.
    That was just the highest # (400+) I’ve ever seen mentioned anywhere.

  6. It’s probably closer to the mark, than further from it.

    Nice bluff, though.

    I feel a chill in the air. Nuclear winter, perhaps?

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