Israel threatens Press TV Syria reporter over Golan photos

The undated photo obtained by Press TV shows Israeli soldiers speaking face-to-face with foreign-backed militants near the Israeli occupied Golan Heights in Syria.Press TV

Israel has threatened Press TV correspondent in Syria over photos taken in Golan Heights showing al-Qaeda-linked terrorists next to Israeli soldiers in the occupied region.

The photos obtained by Press TV correspondent show Takfiri terrorists from the terrorist al-Nusra Front next to Israeli soldiers, who are speaking face-to-face with terrorists in Golan.  

The pictures further prove Tel Aviv’s support for al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, especially al-Nusra Front, that have been wreaking havoc in Syria.

Israel is known to have been providing medical, intelligence and military support for terrorists fighting to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. A number of terrorist commanders, wounded in government attacks on terrorists, have reportedly been hospitalized in the occupied territories.

Cooperation aimed at targeting resistance

The Israeli military’s close cooperation with the terrorists also assisted the regime’s bombing of a convoy belonging to the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, on January 18.

Six Hezbollah members including Jihad Mughniyeh and a general of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Allahdadi, lost their lives in the Israeli aerial assault on the Syrian section of Golan Heights. Jihad was the son of Hezbollah’s slain military commander, Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in an Israeli-orchestrated bombing back in 2008.

Hezbollah later announced that the attack was coordinated between Tel Aviv and the al-Nusra terrorists.

“The assault has revealed the degree of cooperation between Takfiris and Israel,” Sheikh Naim Qassem, Hezbollah deputy leader, said during a ceremony seven days after the Israeli attack in Qunaitra, an area close to the Syrian Israeli border.

Late last year, a UN report confirmed contact between terrorists in Syria and the Israeli army across the Golan ceasefire line, especially during heavy clashes between the terrorists and the Syrian troops.

The report also confirmed that terrorists had been taking their wounded comrades into the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights for treatment.

The UN also confirmed the delivery of boxes by the Israeli army to terrorists on the Syrian side of the ceasefire line.


2 thoughts on “Israel threatens Press TV Syria reporter over Golan photos

  1. Note: The leader of ISIS, whose name is Simon ‘something’, a MOSSAD agent born and raised a Jew; the two second in command of ISIS are Chechens’ who have been trained and inserted by the KGB.

    The Israeli’s are not only supplying arms and muntions to these Muslim terrorist who are butchering Christian, but they patch their wounded up in their hospitals. Note also that in the last few weeks the Iraqi’s have shot down two and shot at two other planes from NATO (Britian and the US) who have been dropping and supplying weapons, ammunition and supplies to ISIS.

    Both NATO/US and Russia/KGB need ISIS: We need them as an excuse to go back into the Middle East to finish off Assad. so we can occupy Syria, which then Lebanon falls and Iran is next and alone – and the Russians need ISIS to continue to drain our money’s and military assets.

    1. Wrong about Russia. Not the same country it was. They don’t have a KGB. USA does though. Its called DHS.

      Russia is under attack far more than Americans know by muslimes than we are.

      What we have is a reemerged CHRISTIAN nation who has priests blessing their Combat Vessels and the captain taking the icons on board ship with him and his crew. That’s reality. That’s out there right now. What have we allowed our country to degenerate into? You fill in the blank? I’m sure you know as well as any patriot.

      Another thing people don’t understand about Russia’s people is that they are watching in horror as a great bastion of liberty they had looked up to turn into a Luciferian, degenerate, tyrannical hell hole where our constitution is trampled into the dirt. They also see a Pervert government trying to provoke a war with them. Russians are about BUSINESS, and expanding economic opportunities, not a military rampage across the planet and setting up a militarized police state with a high tech overlay.

      And despite what many American people think, Russians do own guns. We do well to pay attention on the Communists that took over our government rather than pissing on an Christian Nation that is marching toward liberty the liberty we once knew, as we Americans descend into the abyss.

      As far as Putin is concerned? He is about as communist KGB at this point as Stanislov Levchenko. He has some good books well worth the read. Victor Belenko has a good auto-biography ” Mig Pilot”. Lot of Russians are pulling for us and getting our liberty back. It would be nice to at least not piss on them.

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