Israel Unveils Newest Golan Settlement: ‘Trump Heights’

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

First in Poland it was the proposed “Fort Trump,” but now in Israel it is “Trump Heights”. In a breaking story that had us doing a double take just to assure it is indeed real, a new Israeli settlement in the occupied Golan Heights has been named ‘Trump Heights’ in honor Trump’s deeply controversial decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the territory.

None other than Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu presided over the opening ceremony, which featured the unveiling of a large sign bearing Trump’s name and US-Israeli criss-crossing flags. 

The United Nations and other countries have not given international backing to the US recognition, which further last month involved the State Department officially changing world maps to reflect the new status. The settlement is yet to be established though the sign is in place, in what is sure to unleash a new wave of controversy and protests in Syria and the Palestinian territories.

Israel’s premier pledged in April to name a new settlement after Mr Trump, soon after the president overturned decades of US policy by recognising Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan.

The region is located about 60km (40 miles) south-west of the Syrian capital, Damascus, and covers about 1,000 sq km (400 sq miles).

The new settlement is expected to be built near Kela in the northern Golan Heights. —BBC

Israel fully annexed the Golan Heights in 1981 after capturing it from Syria during the Six-Day War of 1967. The United Nations has never recognized Israeli annexation and settlement there, but has repeatedly condemned it — all of which has resulted in a Syria-Israel state of war ever since.

Later in the day Sunday President Trump retweeted a congratulations and photos highlighting the event – which had been sent from the US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who was on hand representing the United States during the ceremony.

Friedman noted it was the “first time Israel has dedicated a village in honor of a sitting president since Harry Truman (1949)” and further wished the president a happy birthday weekend (June 14).

Apparently, Israel’s Golan Regional Council has already received hundreds of requests from Jewish applicants abroad, especially in the US and Canada, who wish to move into the settlement.

According to local Israeli media, the Golan authority offices “have been ‘flooded’ with requests for information about new Golan community.”

18 thoughts on “Israel Unveils Newest Golan Settlement: ‘Trump Heights’

  1. Wonder if Trump supporters still think Trump is going to “make America great again”? Can’t they see that he was elected to “make GREATER ISRAEL again”? Smh. Anyone who still supports Trump is so unbelievably gullible and willfully ignorant that they should have their citizenship revoked for that reason alone. And, no, I don’t think the Dems are any better. All of them are wh0res for Is-ra-hell.

    1. Who wants to be a 14th Amendment subject citizen? That is what makes them Trumptards and they are proud of their retardation, just like every “citizen” aught to be.
      I am an individual free sovereign national for the united States of the Americas.
      Citizens are the illiterate dog shit beneath my feet.

  2. Fk Trump and Fk Israel, dog shit corruption at its finest. Trump should immediately be arrested and charged with treason against America and banished. If you cant see the forest through the trees at this point your either a Jew loving scumbag or a Jew loving scum bag.

    The US government has never been more corrupt as it is now, even John Gotti had more respect for the United States than these pieces of shit representing this country today.

    Incredible our people have let this shit continue for this long.

    We have a president along with his entire family screwing Americans daily with fraud and deceit, and people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity endorsing this Jew garbage.

  3. Pitiful.

    Shoulda stuck with his 1st choice – Trumpopolis.

    Has just the right amount of retardedness to make it acceptable in the Matrix, and enough ridiculousness to be acceptable to the rest of us.

      1. Puts a helluva crimp in the prosecutors case, don’t it?

        Only one option left at this point… case closed (whether he’s vacationing in the Bahamas… or otherwise). 😉

  4. “And now we wait the all-time bad joke, the so-called ‘Deal of the Century,’ which Trump and his boys hope will get rich Arabs to buy off poor Palestinians in exchange for giving up lots more land to Israel. It’s hard to think of a bigger or more shameful betrayal by Arabs of fellow Arabs, or a more stupid policy by the US. But, of course, it’s not a made-in-the-USA policy at all.”
    — Eric Margolis


  5. I wonder what kind of fine wine Putin is having with his gourmet dinner tonight at his palace. Champion of the people of Syria. Man of honor. Ha! And I’m remembering this:

    Israel, U.S., Russia to discuss Syria in trilateral meeting in Jerusalem:

    “…to discuss Syria.” What exactly will they “discuss?” How to make a country fully heel and steal all it has?


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