Israeli-American Council – “VOTE!”

Published on Nov 17, 2018

This clip is from the Israeli-American Council (IAC) — one of the hundreds of pro-Israel lobbies operating in the United States. “The #IsraeliAmericanVote can make a difference. Let’s raise our voice this coming election day and make the #IsraeliAmericanVote matter.” Yes, these dual-nationals are quite right — it doesn’t make a difference which party you vote for — IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE with the ZOG.

4 thoughts on “Israeli-American Council – “VOTE!”

  1. Love the “He-Man” pose here….considering in 2006 these douchebags couldn’t beat Hezbollah and to this very day, cannot defeat the Palestinians! Just like Satan cannot defeat Christ! No wonder these Talmudic creeps need the corporate UNITED STATES to fight their wars for them. COWARDS!

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