Israeli Collective Punishment and Cold-Blooded Murder

Sleuth Journal – by Stephen Lendman

During 15 days of attacks on Palestinian Al-Aqsa mosque worshipers, Israeli security forces committed 15 extrajudicial killings throughout the territories, around 1,400 others injured, some seriously, scores requiring hospitalization.

Collective punishment Israel imposes is prohibited under international law, including actions violating religious rights, free expression, assembly and movement, the right to privacy and self-determination.  

During the 15-day period, scores of Palestinians were arrested, including 30 children – most arrests occurring in Jerusalem’s Old City, at Al-Aqsa’s Lion’s Gate, as well as in East Jerusalem’s Al-Tur and Al-Issawiya areas.

Palestinian political leaders and activists were targeted, 15 individuals lawlessly arrested. Later released, they’re barred from entering Al-Aqsa, speaking publicly, demonstrating or giving media interviews – violations of their fundamental rights.

Children arrested were harshly treated. They were beaten or otherwise mistreated, some because of their Facebook posts.

Article 37 (b) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child states:

“No one is allowed to punish children in a cruel or harmful way. Children who break the law should not be treated cruelly.”

“They should not be put in prison with adults, should be able to keep in contact with their families, and should not be sentenced to death or life imprisonment without possibility of release.”

They should not be arbitrarily detained or denied their liberty. Detention should be a last resort and only for short duration.

During 15 days of defiling Al-Aqsa, Israeli security forces assaulted and arrested 30 journalists for doing their jobs, their equipment confiscated, according to the Palestinian Media Forum (PMF). Israel wants its high crimes suppressed.

On Saturday, regime security forces stormed PMF’s West Bank offices. They raided al-Quds satellite channel’s office and Pal Media headquarters, seizing equipment and documents, damaging the facilities.

Daily use of rubber-coated steel bullets, at times live fire, stun grenades, toxic tear gas, pepper spray, chemically-treated skunk water, and brutal beatings violated international and Israeli civil laws. So is use of lethal force against demonstrators.

Israeli forces stormed Al-Maqassed hospital, using tear gas and stun grenades. Intensive care and emergency area medical staff were assaulted.

Severely wounded Muhammad Abu Ghannam was abducted. He died for lack of treatment. The hospital became a virtual war zone, people screaming, blood on floors and walls.

Palestinians lawlessly arrested included women, children, students, the elderly and Palestinian Legislative Council members. Israeli forces brutalized and otherwise mistreated them.

Palestinians’ long nightmare continues, including daily Israeli raids, assaults, abductions and other forms of brutality.

On Sunday, dozens of heavily protected extremist settlers desecrated Al-Aqsa compound by their unwelcome presence.

Mosque guards and staff were abusively searched before allowed in, at least one lawless arrest made.

Extremist MK Yehuda Glick announced he and scores of others provocatively intended to visit the compound on Sunday, defiling it by their presence.

The Sleuth Journal

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  1. “Collective punishment Israel imposes is prohibited under international law,…”

    That hasn’t ever stopped the stinking jews yet.

    The only law THESE Satanic scum adhere to is Talmudic.

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