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Israeli lawmaker proclaims supremacy of ‘Jewish race’

Times of Israel

A lawmaker from the ruling Likud party said Wednesday that the “Jewish race” is the smartest in the world and possessing of the “highest human capital,” which is why, he said, the Israeli public did not buy into the allegations of wrongdoing by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

MK Miki Zohar made the comments during a radio debate with veteran political journalist Dan Margalit about the corruption investigations in which Netanyahu is either a suspect or has given testimony.  

His assertions led to a Twitter spat with Joint (Arab) List party MK Ahmad Tibi, who noted Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews as a race during the Holocaust.

Citing recent opinion polls that show Netanyahu enjoying strong support despite being a suspect in three graft investigations, Zohar argued that the media focus on the probes has not convinced the Israeli public that the prime minister is unsuited to lead the country.

“I can tell you something very basic,” Zohar said during the Radio 103FM debate. “You can’t fool the Jews, no matter what is the media writes. The public in Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending. The public knows what the prime minister is doing for the country and how excellent he is at his job.”

Tibi, in response, tweeted a picture of Zohar with the message: “An elected official in ‘the Jewish state’ presents: race theory.”

Tibi, whose party and its members have often raised ire among their Jewish colleagues with their open support for the Palestinian cause, followed that tweet up with a photo of himself reading Amos Elon’s book “The Pity of It All,” which examines how the Holocaust brought an end to German-Jewish culture.

Zohar tweeted back: “And on the back cover there is a photo of Albert Einstein, another Jew who brought great news to the world.”

“What’s the connection between you and Einstein?” Tibi rejoined. “It isn’t even a relative relationship.”

In a follow-up interview with Hadashot TV news, Zohar at first denied that he had spoken about the supremacy of the “Jewish race,” but, presented with a recording of his earlier comments, doubled down and reiterated: “The Jewish people and the Jewish race are of the highest human capital that exists.”

“What can you do? We were blessed by God… and I will continue to say that at every opportunity,” he said. “I don’t have to be ashamed about the Jewish people being the Chosen People; the smartest, most special people in the world.”

Zohar cited the many innovations and discoveries made by Jews, and said that Israel had achieved more in its 70-year span than some peoples had in thousands of years.

“You can understand why we usually win a lot of Nobel Prizes,” he said.


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6 Responses to Israeli lawmaker proclaims supremacy of ‘Jewish race’

  1. mary in ND says:

    ish : (from urban dictionary) Slang term often used to replace “shit.”
    uh huh


    1.) A suffix that makes any word or phrase more vauge.

    2.) The ultimate generality, lacking any specificity or meaning whatsoever

    uh huh

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    “You can understand why we usually win a lot of Nobel Prizes,” he said.

    Yes, it’s because Zionist Jews occupy the Nobel Prize committee.

    If these people are so smart and superior, why does Israel have an average I.Q. of 90 ???

    I think they equate intelligence with ruthlessness.

  3. Koyote says:

    Jew is not a race or a religion. It is a political ideology bent on enslaving the world.
    If it was a race, how could one”convert” to Judaism????

  4. NC says:

    Dumb logic.

    Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you won’t do anything wrong. You’re still human, you Zionists pigs!

    Talk about egotistic. What an ass.

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “A lawmaker from the ruling Likud party said Wednesday that the “Jewish race” is the smartest in the world…”


    Sorry, couldn’t get past the first sentence.

    My stomach hurts now from laughing so hard.

  6. DL. says:

    So. If the Jewish people are the “smartest” “race” in the world, then:
    1. Why did some schule girl in another 9th grade Geography class the same period as mine run crying into the classroom to my teacher because my Geography course grade was higher than hers?
    2. Why does Israel have to rely on the USA for its very existence?
    3. Why have Jews allowed Rothschild to OWN 70 percent of their “land without people for a people without land”?
    4. If Jews were so smart they wouldn’t have to lie to Gentiles as the Talmud says…in fact if Jews were so smart they never even would have allowed the evil Talmud to even be exposed!
    5. If Jews were so smart then why is it they’ve been kicked out of around 100 nations over 500 plus years?
    6. If Jews were a “race’ then why is it Jews are white or black or brown or yellow (but at least they’re not red…who said “Indians” were stupid? At least they’ve kept themselves separated from this “race” that can’t even win an argument with God…and I don’t care WHAT the Talmud says they can!) If Jews were a race, who knows? they might be purple with pink polka dots…
    7. If Jews were “supreme” then how come Jesus–a descendant to Judah–called them the Synagogue of Satan (those who are Jews and are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan…Revelation 2:9 and 3:9)
    8. If Jews are supreme then why can’t they defeat Palestinians armed only with burning tires and rocks and sticks? (Reminds me of Italy in 1895 when they couldn’t even beat Ethiopians armed with sticks and spears! Or Mussolini, who needed Germany to help them conquer Albania, a poor and small mountainous country, that, BTW in truth, was never totally conquered by the Communists, either!)
    9. If Jews are so supreme, they why is this idiot even arguing with an “Arab” Palestinian MK? If he was supreme there would be no argument to be made!
    10. I think I made my point so I’ll stop here.

    And, oh yeah…his name is ZOHAR? Sounds like an evil book of Jewish lies, as if the Talmud wasn’t enough…

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