Israeli prime minister meets with Putin to discuss Ukraine

The Hill – by Lexi Lonas

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Saturday to discuss Russia’s war with Ukraine.

A spokesperson for Bennett’s said that he met with Putin at the Kremlin, and afterwards the Israeli leader spoke on the phone with Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky, Reuters reported

An Israeli official said that the prime minister is coordinating efforts with the U.S., Germany and France on the issue, according to the wire service.

The meeting between Bennett and Putin lasted for three hours, but no major breakthroughs have yet been reported. The Israeli official said Bennett discussed how the fighting in Ukraine has affected the Jewish community at large.

Zelensky and Bennett are the only two Jewish heads of government in the world, according to The New York Times.

To meet with Putin, Bennett broke with the Sabbath to travel to Moscow, but his office said it was allowed under religious law because the aim of the meeting was to preserve human life, according to Reuters.

Before attending the meeting, Bennett spoke French President Emmanuel Macron to learn what he and Putin previously discussed, the Elysée Palace said.

Israel has voiced its support for Ukraine amid the invasion and is sending medical supplies, but said it would not cut off ties with Russia as the country hopes to find a resolution to the conflict, Reuters noted.

Along with the Ukraine conflict, Bennett and Putin discussed the 2015 Iran Nuclear deal.

Following his meeting in Russia, Bennett was headed to Germany to meet with Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

5 thoughts on “Israeli prime minister meets with Putin to discuss Ukraine

  1. ‘Zelensky and Bennett are the only two Jewish heads of government in the world, according to The New York Times.’ LMAO! The rest are Zionists 🙂

    1. Ha! Yeah. How in the hell could they ever have thought they’d get away with saying that?!!! Guess they think they can fool the unfoolable.


      1. The war tools and plans have been in place for a very long time. I read that the U.S. was sending all kinds of weaponry to Ukraine starting last year, and China was getting memos about the same time.

        Awful to see a lot of what I used to think of as “really bright minds” buying into the Pro-Putin camp. Guess they still think they have to pick a side, or worse, they are NATO shills. I can’t believe the stupidity after everything we know about globalism and zio-objectives and about the fkng “Great Reset.” I say call them out at every turn, no matter who. And as it once was said, be ‘no respecter of persons.’ At this point, they’re traitors, some even supporting the desertion of the homeland by rooting for our people to go VERY FAR AWAY to fight instead of staying right here to fight at home.

        One voice says…


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