12 thoughts on “Israeli war plane blown out of the sky

    1. They lost nothing since their supply chain in DC still has thousands of F-35 to be donated to Israhell.

      They just have to call POTUS and he’ll send as many fighter jets as needed to control the midlle east.

  1. That is good new!
    I’m sure that the Enemy Force in Occupation here will send them 10 more at the American tax payer’s expense.

  2. Notice James Foley back in the news and a Russian plane crash? So convenient….Foley beheading propaganda brought the last push into Syria. U.S. troops were never welcomed on Syrian ground only the Russians. The propaganda push will be in full swing just before we send OUR troops to help Israel. The more pro Israel propaganda on the news and media talk shows etc. in the coming weeks signaling the more this conflict will be. Diaspora once again?

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