Israeli Zionists Lapping up the Blood of Palestinian Children

The mainstream propaganda campaign for the day is so blatant in its intent as to be nauseating. Great fanfare is being made of the CIA soap opera, Operation Stinky Finger – Terror in Benghazi, as the genocide being committed on the people of Palestine is minimized to the point of insignificance.

It is almost laughable watching the propagandists attempting to sensationalize the Palestinians’ pathetic attempt to retaliate against the Israeli bombardments.  The reporter zeroes our attention in on the air raid siren in Tel Aviv as we wait for the explosion, which is a tiny pop about as loud as a fireworks mortar.

And then in Gaza City another reporter is trying to make light of the 21st century carpet bombing as the ground shakes and the lights go out.  Of course every report begins with, “Three Israelis killed in Hamas rocket attacks”.  This really is the equivalent of throwing rocks in the face of a Howitzer.  It is an outrage and the death toll in Gaza has to be up in the hundreds by now, at least.

Make no mistake.  Israel does not want peace as it would mean an end to their expansion into the Middle East and we Americans are being viewed by the rest of the world as nothing more than Zionist attack dogs.  We are a part of this attack on Palestinians as we the American people have paid for the F-16s and the bombs being used to slaughter innocents in Gaza.

Now the Israelis are rolling up tanks and preparing for further invasion, said tanks which have only to face Palestinians throwing rocks.  I wonder what the Israelis will rename Gaza when they finish bulldozing it and start building new Jewish settlements.  This so called invasion truly is the equivalent of bombing a concentration camp.

The Zionists have to be the most diabolical murderers to ever exist on this planet.  And we Americans should be screaming in outrage in that our names are being attached to these heinous acts.  Everyone does realize that this Israeli aggression began two days after Hamas had agreed to a cease fire.  Again, the Israelis will not allow peace as that would require a cessation of conquest.

We Americans had better start letting the socialist insurgency in Washington know that we are not going to willingly participate in the genocide of the Arab people in support of the evil Zionist empire.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “Israeli Zionists Lapping up the Blood of Palestinian Children

  1. Apartheid Israel’s psychotic leaders have a nasty habit of running up the death totals so that each ‘incursion’ is deadlier than the prior one, so if the Zionist Occupation Forces go into Gaza, expect to see mass murder of Palestinians that will surpass the 1,400 slaughtered during “Operation Cast Lead.”

    That my tax dollars go for this murderous mayhem makes me weep.

  2. David2,
    That’s just nasty, the truth is that by far most Jews around the world are Not in support of Zionism. Sadly, Israelis are all required to do military service and the indoctrination is very lopsided. Sadly the Israeli government is just as corrupt as ours though has greater control over it’s people… This Not a Jew thing, its a Zionist thing that is way out of control and utterly insane…

    1. Only said the Jews and their lies. Suppose Lloyd Blankfein spoke the truth when he said ‘We are doing Gods work’. They lie about being Gods chosen people. The Bolshevik revolution was a jewish lie to steal the wealth of Russia which left 66 million dead. Proof positive is look at the oligarchs there and guess which race. Lenin, Trotsky all lying jews. They cannot help themselves as they feel entitled and they lie. Next thing you will say they did not crucify Christ, suppose it was the Romans idea.

      Time for jews to grow up and stop lying.

      1. I’ve been meaning to ask one of you: Which Bible are you reading? Explain to me why the jews are not His chosen, and what scripture do you base this on? Recommend a good book if you can as well. I’m not being sarcastic, I’m genuinely curious. Thanks.

        1. Martin Luther ‘On the Jews and their lies’, Luther is father of the reformation and while researching in depth the translations of the Bible was horrified by the Talmud and so wrote this book in 1560. The book quotes extensively chapter and verse from the Old Testament.

          With regard to the Russian Revolution you might be very interested in a series of tapes by an Irish priest called Build Yourself An Ark, scroll down the left side of this web site:

        2. @ Lowtolerance: There are many Scriptures in the Old Testament revealing that the Jews were no longer God’s chosen people, but one of the most obvious is Jesus’ own words, speaking to the religious leaders of His day, in Matt. 21:43: “Therefore say I unto you, the kingdom of God SHALL (emphasis mine) be taken from you, and given to a nation (meaning those who follow Christ) bringing forth the fruits thereof. KJV

          p.s I only read the King James version of the Bible anymore, since reading a book by G.A. Riplinger titled “New Age Bible Versions” which points out all the verses that have been changed in the newer versions. They’re ALL corrupted.

  3. The mainstream media needs to stop taking Israels side, we know who the real terrorist are and Netanyahu is a war monger, America needs to stop him immediately.

  4. These people called “jews” today are not Israelites. They are esau-edomite, cursed canaanites, here to steal, kill, murder and destroy. The True Israelite Descendants of Jacob whom God changed his name to Israel, are the Anglo/Saxon (Isaac Son’s), Scandinavian, Germanic and Kindred People commonly called the Caucasian or White Race.
    God has allowed “them” to become the head and WE (I like to think as White Europeans) have become the tail, and it’s getting pretty smelly back here at the tail end of this ….thing we call life. Life without Gods Laws is dead. Wake up, Repent or Parish.

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