Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks … Again?

There is a lot of conjecture in reference to the upcoming peace talks between Palestine and Israel.  Some are of the opinion that Israel is acquiescing due to pressure coming from the Obama Administration.  Israel does not acquiesce to anyone, especially the meat puppet Obama, and in the end these so called peace negotiations will only serve to bolster the position of the Israelis in this conflict that will not end until Israel is eliminated as the one world terrorist cabal it represents.

The fact is, in order to have negotiations, both sides must have something to bring to the table and unfortunately for the Palestinians, at this point in the ball game they have nothing except their status as victims of genocide to bolster their position.  So what shall be the Palestinians offer?  We will leave, if you will let us, in order that our people will not be exterminated from the planet?   

The Israelis are truly diabolical and this fact cannot be forgotten.  As a consequence of the miracle of the internet, all thinking people around the world now understand what Zionism is and that the Zionists consider all other forms of life apart from themselves to be inferior and without consequence when it comes to simply living.

These talks are nothing more than propaganda, designed to bolster Israel’s image as much as possible before the next invasion and capture of more lands and resources of the Middle East.

I believe the US invasions into Syria, to be followed by invasions into Lebanon and Iran, are on the apex of becoming a reality.  Israel is attempting to step back into the shadows and cloak themselves with a veil of false peace contentions to separate themselves as much as is possible from the dirty works they have instigated that are about to be plugged in.

Those looking for Russia to save the day in thinking that the Putin government is somehow apart and separate from the international Zionists are in for a rude awakening, as Russian planes begin patrolling US skies.  Just ask yourself who would allow this and know the answer is the international Zio-communists that are controlling the United States.  To the point: These incursions of US airspace are being sanctioned by the same Zionists in Haifa and Tel Aviv that the communist Putin is pretending to be at odds with.

The goal and the target for the international maneuvering we are seeing is frightfully clear.  The armed population of the United States, which represents the largest army on Planet Earth a hundred times over, must be destroyed or the new world order will fail.

Observe the bait and switch when World War III, which will be initiated through manufactured Middle East conflicts of which the American nationals want no part of, will be redirected to the armed American populous through the pretenses of bringing order from the chaos to save the world from nuclear destruction.  The mantra will be “The world can only know peace through one world governess and the American nationals must be forced to comply for the sake of the world.”

This strategy is not going to work as it would require blanket ignorance for the rest of humanity across the planet.  This attempt will fail because the peoples of the world will refuse to support the mercenaries that have been hired to perpetrate the duplicity.

God help us to stand strong and resist.

3 thoughts on “Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks … Again?

  1. My guess is that Israel is feeling the effects of the boycott, so they’ve decided to enter peace talks for public relations reasons, but will continue with the genocide of the Palestinians at full speed in the meantime.

  2. “The mantra will be “The world can only know peace through one world governess and the American nationals must be forced to comply for the sake of the world.””

    Yep. That’s the way I see it, too. They will try and play the psychological Communist guilt trip on Americans by saying, “See, everyone else has submitted to World Government, so why can’t you? Stop being selfish or we will be forced to put you down for the sake of world humanity and world peace.”

    These Communist weasels will do anything to get their way.

    Good point about the Russians and the Zionists working together.

    As I said before, even though there are supposedly two sides fighting each other in this war through controlled opposition, either way, whoever wins, WE ALL LOSE.

    The people around the world need to rise up, fight and take back what is rightfully theirs and take out the false governments that are oppressing them. Only then can we begin to win this war.

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