20 thoughts on “It Don’t Make Any Damn Sense

  1. Well, here it is kids, the proof! Yeah, I fell for it, do I feel stupid? YOU BETCHA!!


    You guys called it, I fell for it…

  2. The arrest of that CNN reporter was so goofy. It’s not like the cops couldn’t have seen the CNN van. So staged.

    1. Katie, I sent this to your email…. wanted to be sure you saw it
      This should go viral! I’m sure it will be taken down.

      1. Oh absolutely. But you’re not stupid. There’s so much mud in the water it’s difficult to make up from down.

        1. Hey Mark,

          Don’t be hard on yourself bro,.. we all fall for some of the bullshit at sometime!

          You have heard me say time and again on the radioshow, sometimes our biggest difficulty is separating the fact from the fiction, the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the Zionist lies…..

          What’s important, is that we don’t fall for it long, figure out the lies, and march on…

          JD – US Marine Always Trying To Figure Out The Truth Also….

    1. This guy IS DA MAN, we gotta find and repost that other vid.

      Make sure everybody suscribes to this channel. This way you get videos

  3. Yup
    More of the same shit they been trying to get us to buy
    Seems like they really been ramping it up lately , but not very good productions
    Maybe it’s because all the pedophiles in Hollywood are too busy to produce for them right now

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