It got a little windy last night


Now I gotta get back on the roof.

I really don’t want to go back up there.

I mean…

Staying vertical in an upright position seems to be one of my problems on roofs.

14 thoughts on “It got a little windy last night

  1. It’s gonna get worse every year flee, Nevada, especially Northern Territory, is prone man. You should have been in the truck with me in Ohio today, clear as a new borns ass, but the wind was crazy ridiculous, I was at 80,000 and was being blown around like I was inside a nasa wind tunnel man.

    Strap that shit down brother.

    1. I’m talking load straps like flat beds use to strap their loads down, it would look like shit, but nothing would work better. Throw the strap over each end of the roof, spike into the ground and ratchet tight.

      That roof ain’t goin anywhere, and the whole structure is ten times more secure.

      Use the chain anchors

  2. Did the trusses collapse inside the roof? I’m looking at this and I can’t imagine how it happened.

    I wish I could be there to help you, but yeah, Gray Rider’s right. Even if you don’t get much rain in the desert there, another big windstorm and you won’t even be able to find that roof.

    1. The roof was temporarily bolted down on each end …so I could come back and do sky lights and vents.

      But…hey stuff happens.

      I still have plenty of tin to replace it.

      I just have to go into the canyon and find it now.

      1. It was October 2010 and my first autumn here in ND. I was living in a trailer at the time. Having lived most of my life in the windy city of chitcago I was familiar with high winds during a storm. On this particular night there was no sleep as the wind rocked the trailer house just enough to unnerve us. The gusts were reported to be 80 mph (those gusts seemed continuous to me haha). Anyway a few days prior we had put a new roof on the trailer. It was around 3am when we heard all kinds of noises. Buck turned to me and said ‘that would be your roof’… daylight we ventured outside and spent the better part of two hours picking up the pieces.

  3. I feel bad for you man.
    At least its still there
    and no bitch on a bike came for your little dog too!

    1. Thanks man…

      It humbles me that people I’ve never seen or met..

      Would have compassion.

      The irony is….

      I don’t have to live like this…

      I have enough finances to pull out..

      Cut and run like a little btch.

      But I do this because its the right thing to do.

      I can feel it in my soul.

      And…. the evil witch would be my x.

      Thank you.

      1. You sure have a cool location, awesome land around you, yeah, some trees would be nice, love all the hills.

  4. Flee, your relationship with the roof begs a deeper analysis. Could it be you are trying to move “up” in the world? Or reaching for a “higher” something? Or “elevating” everything? It’s undeniably “altitudinal” and the “height” of irony. Perhaps it’s from “raising” hell, or “leavening” Las Vegas, or “lifting up life in general?” Either way, it’s over the “top” and a “tall” undertaking. And as in all things, the sky’s the limit and there really may be no ceiling. Such is the substance of the “summit.”

    All kidding aside, stay safe, and may you always have shelter from the storm.


      1. Maui Woowie
        nature’s dowry
        Marry the leaf
        beyond belief
        Ain’t no joke
        the sacred smoke
        only requires
        a little toke
        Need more proof?
        It’s on the roof
        Roof of the mind
        Life’s great find



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