It Has Come to This

My Fellow Patriots,.. this video by Ben-nun got my attention for some reason.

Ben-Nun (pronouned: Ba-noon) is an Israeli troll. I don’t think he is Mossad, but I do think he works with them (and other Israeli counter-intel units) on the psy-ops news he spews out.

I stopped listening to him years ago, but once in a great while I would listen to his broadcast just to see how he spins the news.

This video (barely 3 min. long) is strange, especially given what we covered on today’s show about the surgeon general’s, “great sadness Americans will feel this week”.

Just wondering what any of you make of it, as I strongly suspect his warning is directly connected to the comments made by the surgeon general that we tried to decrypt a little today.

We almost at zero-hour??

JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny

11 thoughts on “It Has Come to This

  1. Don’t watch his “news” videos, only the ones where he and wife Jana expose Talmud and Noahide. All this “end times” stuff (as if they, not God, are in control) is for me “in one ear, out the other.” I need proof, and they really have no proof for “the beast system” arriving just because some psycho “philanthropist” wants everyone to get a “chip” in their hand…Since he used to be Chabad, he may very well be an Israeli asset (though he claims to be Christian).

  2. I’ve been hearing talk on the net about the seal missing although haven’t heard anything definitive; speculation.
    Personally from my exposure to Ben-Nun & his wife they are straight up honest folk calling out the J problem.
    The beast system being here I’m not sure the extent he’s speaking of.
    We here in the Trenches won’t let this go down without a fight for our law being reinstated.
    I was not aware as DL noted about the end times stuff. I assume they speak of this which I’m not aware of.

  3. Hi JD. First I’ve experienced this man so I can only base an opinion on this one vid. My initial response was he sure is bringing fear and a No-Way-Out scenario. Guess he doesn’t know about the biggest army in the world. But the worst thing for me was that he is supposedly withholding vital information; this, at a time when the people are in the fight of their lives. So only he gets to prepare and protect his loved ones but we don’t?!! If he really had info he chose not to share, he didn’t have to tell us. To withhold puts him in a false power-trip. Maybe I’m too harsh, but I did not feel trust or affinity with him. Perhaps I’ll learn more about him one day. But one last question: What’s with the obsession with the Presidential Seal? Should he not know that is all theater? Okay, maybe he’s warning about loss of sovereignty and full-blown globalism, but I can’t work with someone who’s hiding things from me.


    1. Ditto. Is he a qtard? Quite the racket going on with THAT bunch these days, like chump sending troops into Europe, dissolving the fed res and the U.S. having control over it all etc…complete horse shite to get the hopeful masses entertained and angry Americans to fall back asleep.

  4. The Presidential Seal is the official symbol of the President of the United States.
    The symbol being missing/removed perhaps indicates the Office of the President has been replaced. Of course we here know the Office has been illegitimate since 1871.

    This Friday, April 10 is Good Friday.
    I have never seen or heard of the man in the video but he is definitely a fear monger.

    The statement by the Surgeon General (as well as Pres. Trump) indicates to me foreknowledge of a coming catastrophic event. I relayed that information to the ND Gov. office yesterday.
    I have played out so many scenarios (good as well as bad) in my head I think there is very little that would surprise me at this point.

  5. Yes he acts like he wants to say but cant. I feel this is a pre curse for what is really going to happen. Maybee. Food or. The original Fire and Brimstone.. ,aliens. They will keep the status quo, thru this into something new and worse. I have said lockdown First

    1. Aliens? As in Extraterrestrials? I have 3 words for them : klaatu, barada, nikto …….., translation: get the fck out of my country! …hahahahahahaha

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