It was Easier to Believe President Donald was a Duck than a Quack

The Great Recession

How the QAnon conspiracy theory attracted millions of followers, many of whom were willing to drink the Kool Aid and die for their beliefs, will always be for me one of the modern marvels of mankind. Somehow it was easier and more logical for millions of people who needed hope to believe Bill and Hillary Clinton were reptilian aliens who were leading a pedophile cult that secretly gathered to eat babies in the basement of a pizzeria that served as a front for their underground sex-trafficking railroad to Epstein Island than to simply believe Donald Trump was inept.

Back when I blithely knew nothing about QAnon, I actually had one of its lead propagandists (a true believer), who published some of my articles on his popular QAnon website, call me up and spend forty-five minutes earnestly trying to convince me all of that was real in order to proselytize me into the Trump Cult. The Great Pumpkin, Agent Orange himself, (my monickers for Trump, not his) was going to take all of the Reptilians out in a final flourish of genius and herald a new aquarian age on earth at the end of 2020, a bizarre year that can barely be believed even in hindsight.

It was easier and more logical to believe for four years that putting Goldman Sachs executives in charge of the US Treasury and the National Economic Council and a Rothschild banker, known as the King of Bankruptcy, in charge of the Dept. of Commerce, while putting military top brass in charge of all White House staff and installing them as leaders of the multi-headed hydra of security and intelligence agencies that steer the slithering US government … was all a 4-D chess masterplan to drain the swamp by distilling the deep state into one central location in order to take them all out at once than to simply believe Donald Trump, a politician, was not actually doing what he promised and draining the swamp.

It was easier to believe that massive corporate tax cuts and estate-tax cuts were truly intended to help the common man than to believe Donald Trump, an owner of a large corporation born with a golden spoon in his mouth who will soon leave his real-estate holdings to his children, was just helping himself and his own kids. It was easier to believe, after thirty-five years of trickle-down tax cuts that never raised the wages of the average man or woman, that Joe and Josephine Sixpack would be better off with another trickle than by focusing all tax cuts as a stream directly into their pockets. And it was somehow logical to believe that a factually flat average of 2.1% GDP growth in 2019, accompanied by a slide into a manufacturing recession over the summer, was not actually the same as Obama’s average, but was proof of the “best economy ever,” just as it was easier to believe that Michelle Obama is actually Michael Obama, a closet transexual, even though she has two girls who look a lot like her when transexuals are not, yet, known to be able to give birth.

Somehow, if you pointed out the possible illogic of any of that, you were actually stupidly consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome because it would be easier and more logical to believe the real Donald Duck became president of the United States than to simply believe @realDonaldTrump was a quack. It could not possibly be that Trump Derangement Syndrome causes its sufferers to believe everyone else in the world is crazy while they are sanely flying with ducks.

The poppies are potent in the US.

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