ITALY: Police force elderly Hotel Owner to house African Illegal Immigrants on his Property

Published on Nov 18, 2016 by Face of a dying Nation

Italian Police have forced an elderly Hotel owner in Ficarolo (Rovigo) to house and provide for fifteen African illegal Immigrants on his property against his will. The footage, released by the Italian news outlet Servizio Repubblico, documents the desperate attempts of Luigi Fogli as he blocks his door to protect his Hotel.

Fugli, who has been in charge of the hotel since 1972, clings onto the door frame and shouts that “the government does not own this place” and that he might end up in the hospital from all the stress.

His daughter tells the police that they are responsible for the damage the migrants will cause and that they will be accountable should her father be hospitalized due to excessive stress or refugee violence.

Their efforts to keep out the police and migrants remain futile.

After the owner is overpowered, the migrants stream into his lobby, make themselves at home on the sofas, demand the keys to their rooms and ask what’s for dinner.

Fogli mockingly replies if they “want him to give up his private apartment for them” as well.

He insists that he’ll never give them the keys, that the hotel is his and he will not tolerate these people on his land. The police “ought to stay with these people for while to see how they live”, he says, alluding to the destruction African migrants cause to property.

The owner previously made an agreement with the government to house genuine war refugees for fair compensation as his business is in crisis.

When he was denied both fair compensation at just 7€ per migrant per day and was to receive 50 African males rather than Syrian families, he tried to bail out of the contract but couldn’t.

Fogli is now worse off than ever before. There is no way he can survive on renting out his rooms at 7€ per day. In a later interview he says that “this is a sad day for all entrepreneurs of the hotel sector in Italy as there have been many cases where the owner’s rights were trampled on”.

Confiscations of private property in European countries that are victim to mass immigration and asylum fraud are commonplace. Many landowners are forced to rent our their premises, such as empty warehouses or vacant hotel rooms, to illegal immigrants – against their will.

Most landowners are terrified of the idea of housing migrants as they leave a trail of destruction wherever they go, often leaving hotel rooms trashed and uninhabitable within days. Hundreds of cases of fires in refugee shelters or hotel rooms have been documented – either due to carelessness or deliberate arson to receive apartments at better locations.

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9 thoughts on “ITALY: Police force elderly Hotel Owner to house African Illegal Immigrants on his Property

  1. @:46 “I’m just doing my job, just doing my job, Sir.” as he helps clear the way for the forced invasion of his private property, courtesy of zionist usrael.

    Their pigs obviously have the same mentality as “ours”.

  2. I’ll bet if that old fella was armed he would have started shooting. He was pissed. Can’t blame him, either. Bastards just stole his hotel.

  3. poor old guy. f–ked by the globalist and did not even get a kiss.
    coming soon to your back door, arm your selves Patriots.

  4. What a beautiful thing, all over the world they’re mixing races, nationalities, religions and cultures so we can become one happy group of people……We are WAY past the point of talking about this sh*t. Well I guess I can’t expect to much from most American men in this country when I see grown men crying cuz their f*cking sports team lost or their cell battery died. These coward assholes at the top of the pyramid have done a damn good job of conditioning. F-em anyway!

  5. I am SOOOOOO mad. black asked what’s for dinner? OMG. I think this is called war…cop….I’m just doing my job. Stalin had people who did there jobs. And so on. pathetic pieces of scat. I am steaming.

  6. At his age, he should allow them all in, be very polite and quiet, while he secretly rigged the entire building with TNT.

    “Bring more of your friends. Let’s have a big Muslim party”.

    Then blow the entire building to smithereens after it’s stuffed with all the Muslim trash that can fit inside of the place.

    1. Invite the local synogog too, may as well go for broke and take out all the trash, just offer free bagels and matza balls and a cash prize, you will get them from the next five counties over.

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