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It’s all in the translation

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6 Responses to It’s all in the translation

  1. DL. says:

    Keep it up, gal! (Truants–Home Schoolers was especially awesome! And no place is better to home school than Texas…the only limit for home schoolers in Texas is that the home schooled students cannot participate in team sports, UIL won’t allow it. My son coulda made a good linebacker…)

    And my advice for Californians moving to Texas–do NOT cross the speed limit! LEOs just love to stop vehicles with California license plates for the “loot”…makes up for the loot they lose by not stopping vehicles owned by folks they know… especially avoid 1-10 between Sierra Blanca and Fort Stockton…

    • galen says:

      Perhaps one day there will be sports teams for the home-schooled. I don’t just mean fun, neighborhood gatherings, but legitimate teams that can compete with any schools. Just puttin’ that out there. May take half a century. Thanks, DL.


      • Enemy of the State says:

        Nice idea
        But I’m not sure I’d want my HomeSchooled kid anywhere near the “adults” that allegedly run the place , or the teams
        Some of the stupid might rub off

  2. W_IL..E, KOYOTE (super genius) says:

    It’s all in the translation……………..
    YA GOT THAT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. NC says:

    HAHAHAHA! Me likey.

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