5 thoughts on “It’s Getting Pretty Scary Out There

  1. Hey Marxist, are these your warriors? A couple of shit eating maggot born flies buzzing about?
    These two flies were not shopping, they were violating that man’s absolute lawful right to move about freely without harassment. They had no common law warrant. They had no order from a common law jury.
    Had it been me, I’d have started winging those pint cans of paint at them as hard as I could throw.
    Anyway, here are their warriors, which clearly displays what a ballless punk you would have to be to allow them to f-k with you to force you to wear a slave mask.
    And by the way, the bitch on the other video with the stick, touch me with your stick, I’ll bust it over your f-king head. You want to put yourself out there as a combatant thinking that as you are a Marxist woman, you get to pretend you have balls while being protected by that slit between your legs, better guess again.

  2. The problem is when the real shooting starts all these little stasi wanna be’s are gonna dive into the wood work and disappear, if they can be identified, lets keep names and numbers, cause these mthrfkrs are the worst enemies…..

  3. I really like this guy. I appreciate people with good sense. I have a feeling if those bitches would have succeeded in calling the cops, he might have been arrested.

  4. I bet these women get flu shot’s every year. Ask anyone that acts like these women if they get a flu shot. I believe these flu shots already have what the mandatory covid-19 vaccine will have plus more. They are making people submissive with these shots. Not enough people signing up to get the shot, hence why the push for a mandatory vaccine for adults.

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