It’s happening: “Sovereign citizens” trying to force out Seattle residents, claiming ownership of their homes

Law Enforcement Today – by Chris Elliot

SEATTLE, WA – A group of people who claim to be sovereign citizens is contacting wealthy homeowners in Seattle, Washington, telling them that they own the property, and telling them to leave.

The group of people who believe they are sovereign citizens says they are above the laws in the United States and that they are not subject to any court proceedings.  They are notorious for filing paperwork with the courts for those that they believed wronged them and also create fake court paperwork to make it appear they own property in which they do not.

Detectives in Snohomish County reported that members of the Moorish Sovereign Citizens began knocking on doors of waterfront homes in Woodway and Edmonds.  When the residents answered the door, the group told the residents they owned the property and they were moving into the residence, according to KIRO-TV.

Josh McClure, a Sergeant with the Edmonds Police Department, said:

“They have basically come to say that they’re from this particular group and they’re there to repossess the home and want the people to vacate the premises.  Their group believes that they own all the land between Alaska and Argentina and all the islands in between.”

In each reported case, the residents who were approached by the sovereign citizens called their local police department, who responded to deal with the complaint.  In each reported case, the sovereigns were ordered to leave the property or face arrest for trespassing, and in each case, they cooperated and left peacefully.  However, there is no way to know if there were any people who believed their claims and did not report the issue to the police.

Detectives said the sovereigns produced documents meant to look like real court paperwork that they used in order to trick people into believing that the sovereigns own the home in question.  Police advised that this group of people, so far, have only targeted homes that have recently been sold or put on the housing market for sale.

Sadly, this is not the first time this has been tried and occasionally has been successful.  In Georgia, Joel Fedd claimed in 2018 to be an indigenous Moor and had rights to the land on which a $500,000 house stood.

Fedd, who was convinced in his own mind that he was right, moved into the residence, changed the locks on the doors, and posted no trespassing signs in the home.  In a Facebook video, after moving into the home, Fedd said:

“Who’s going to tell me I can’t take it?  Who’s going to come take it from me?  We are the law of the land, we are the landlords, we are the Moors.”

Of course, the Gwinnett County police were called in to investigate the issue after the new homeowners could not access the residence and land they bought.  Because of their investigation, Fedd was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and making false statements.

Fedd, and many others, subscribe to an ideology that emerged in the 1990s on the east coast of the United States.  In this ideology, the Moorish Science Temple, which has existed since 1913, teaches that black Moors were the original inhabitants of the United States, and they were entitled to some type of self-governing status.

The Moorish Science Temple founder, Noble Drew Ali, taught that black people were the descendants of the Moabites and, as such, are Moorish.  This is because some Islamic historians believe that Moors and Muslims somehow reached the United States prior to Christopher Columbus discovering the land.

The Moorish belief is dangerous because they do not believe that they are subject to the laws and rules of our country.  They believe they are immune from prosecution, immune from obeying traffic regulations, and are only bound by old English common law.

Law Enforcement Today

4 thoughts on “It’s happening: “Sovereign citizens” trying to force out Seattle residents, claiming ownership of their homes

  1. Can’t be sovereign and a citizen. Citizens have government GRANTED privileges and imunities. Sovereign American nationals posses unalienable RIGHTS.

  2. Well then, Moors or whatever you call yourselves, you had to have gotten here before 1421, when (as some facts supposedly prove) the Chinese did (they were caught up in some tsunami which drove them to an island off California in 1421, supposedly)….oh, and BTW, I’d say Native Americans were here waaaaayyyyy before your “kind” was…. And then you have to so-called “Washitaws” (led by “Queen Dugdamoundya”) who claim ownership of nearly all the land in the US as well…oh, and since Queeny looks black not Native, is that y’alls excuse?

  3. I’m pretty sure that anyone who walks up on my door and says I have to leave probably is an immediate threat to my safety and they will be recycled. Probably ain’t got any friends who will come looking.

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