7 thoughts on “It’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

  1. terrorists ..


    ask yourself how you feel when any of them are around ….safe?

    I dont

    call them what they are ..State Sponsored Terrorists

  2. Thanks, blue isis. You serve and protect your masters well.

    Your heroism, bravery and service is rivaled only by those who “serve” in the armed occupying enemy forces.

    May you ALL be compensated appropriately for your dedication to those you have served with pride.

    We, the American People, look forward to the day WE can properly thank you for what you have done.

    When you feel you have had enough of our gratitude, please know we’re just getting started.

    Much regards to your loyal families, loved ones and those who supported you in your endeavors.

    May they see you live your life to the very end with all the kindness, respect, dignity, and regard for the oath you have taken and afforded US so magnanimously with your service.

    Smile and know you have earned it!

    We won’t take “NO” for an answer so please just accept our gratitude with the same humble appreciation WE have been brainwashed or forced with threat of kidnapping, violence or death to accept.

    Hope to repay you soon as WE being indebted for such actions can not go unrepaid!



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