It’s Not Often I Get to Proclaim “THE FED IS DEAD” Then Watch the Fed Put on the Toe Tag!

The Great Recession

The following article comes with a surprising revelation — possibly an alarming revelation — at the end. Something big is happening at the Fed — the largest movement of “cash” in history. I don’t know what to make of it, because the Fed has been completely silent about it, and the mainstream financial press has missed it entirely. Crickets.

I published this article as a Patron Post exclusively for those who kindly support me at the $5 level or above before I knew anything about the big money moves that suddenly appeared in Fed data. I found those moves right after researching for this article. Because they prove the article’s theme, I added them after publication. (Patrons may want to make sure they’ve read the latest additions.)

Because these addenda may have great importance, given the scale of monetary change and the total quite on the Fed’s part about it, I promised all readers I’d share this article later with everyone for free and write another Patron Post just for patrons, but they got it days ahead of others because they support this site. I am, however, about helping as many people as possible, so here it is.

I’ve left the article below unchanged in substance, except for the updates at the end, but you’ll grasp the importance better if you don’t jump to the ending:

Read it here:

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