4 thoughts on “It’s now or never…

  1. Good to see people getting really pissed off. Now follow up with action. The criminals need to start disappearing

  2. Good to see the Gadsden flag on the wall… it’s a start… You have to be ready to Well, open your Restaurants or whatever Biz these folks have and be armed to the teeth, and have follow ups in position, yes you are at war. It is the enforcers that have to bring it to you….

    The big corp stores are all in on this shit, and we all had better be Boycotting them… 100% here forward…..!!!!

    So, yeah, agreed with his passion, so long as he and they mean it… and just saying bud, you ain’t never gonna enjoy mowing your lawn ever again with what is coming… that should be your first understanding….

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