4 thoughts on “It’s Time to Fire the FBI: A Rant

  1. I am going to take this as a declaration of no longer having Rule of Law in this country

    everyone else should too

    time to clean house folks ,
    i hear so many / read so many comments where people keep saying this shit is going to cause a Civil War.. no ..thats not it ..we the people are not going to fight a war against our fellow man, ,, we the people are bringing this war to the door step of DC and all of its operatives from the dam floor sweepers to the top dog .. so that makes it a FUCIN REVOLUTION bitches!!!

    every time i see someone say this is going to cause a civil war I wonder if they really know the definition of a Civil war VS a REVOLUTION , because if they did know the difference , they wouldn’t use the Civil war term with what is currently our situation

    sure , the State would rather us all be idiots and fight among ourselfs leaving the cabal and NWO to clean house

    OH no ..thats not how Im going to play this

    1. EOTS, you can easily see through this “civil war” bs, yet there are many who cannot, or do not, who fully buy in to what the controllers are stirring up, pitting many factions against each other. That’s why we have Antifa types fighting Trump’s Proud Boys, and whites fighting blacks, and even women fighting men, etc., etc., I could list many more polarities. They build those tensions so we fight each other and not them. Very real tactic. Really works. Until people like you see through it. What work it is to break up that programming. I know you already know this, but jus’ had to say…

      Also reminds me of the climate change idiots and the pro-immigration dupes who hijack all legitimate opposition to tyranny. I recently (last night) realized I do not fear fighting the enemy. I mostly fear the ones who won’t. Yes, I know, use the fear.

      Oh goyim ignorance… It is beginning to sicken me. Many of my supposed loved-ones, all lined up to look the other way, making me look like a crazy radical. It is they that I fear most. And I recognize this in myself as a giving up of my own power and a people-pleasing bs tactic. I must end it. Perhaps 2019 resolution can be something like, STOP INDULGING FAMILY!! Gotta do this more ruthlessly instead of tiptoeing around, and then just gotta deal with the judgement and rejection. Tired of giving up my power.

      Please excuse rant. Struggling a bit today. Holidays bring up a lot of deep-down stuff. Sigh…


      1. Maybe not a civil war, but one hell of a lot of civil violations. Yeah, I’m guilty of using that term, my bad.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC89bLsZFs0 Sasha Baron Cohen stumbles on child sex ring…

    When Hollywood can expose, by accident, an elaborate child sex slave organization, take that video evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that investigational organization does NOTHING to engage the perpetrators is reason to begin the CLEANSING!!
    It is a sickness that as the Rageaholic dude said, when infected, will kill you.

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