Jabbed Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest With 200 People Onboard – Media Blackout

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Apr 22, 2022Nearly two hundred passengers aboard an American Airlines flight nearly died after their Captain, Robert Snow, experienced a sudden cardiac arrest inside the cockpit. And the mainstream media is attempting to cover up this story. Captain Snow says he is livid that America is mandating pilots to take the jab. What’s really interesting about this ordeal is how successfully the mainstream media have covered it up. You won’t find a single story about it online. Unfortunately, as it stands now, instead of ensuring the safety of the flying public as its mission dictates, the FAA, and the complicit airlines, are playing a game of Russian Roulette with the lives of pilots, crews, and passengers.

2 thoughts on “Jabbed Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest With 200 People Onboard – Media Blackout

  1. The FAA isn’t doing a dam thing about the governments violations of its own rules and regulations
    I’ve already posted here about the violations this jab presents for a pilots licensing
    And every pilot that took the jab is in violation
    And every airline that forced this shit
    Is also in violation

    The Federal government and the FAA should be getting its ass sued off by every swingin dick fly boy out there
    I’m a private pilot , and I didn’t and don’t take the jab for many personal reasons
    But one of my reasons was not to violate the regulations
    You fckers should also know better
    I’m not flying a 747 and I knew better so no fckin excuses

    Read the book , it’s the rules
    Can’t follow them ? Than you shouldn’t be a dam pilot !

    If every pilot would have stood up against the airlines and followed the rule book
    They would have been exempt
    But no, too many sheep with pilots licenses apparently

    Once you took that jab
    Your medical certificate was no longer valid
    Basically all these pilots are flying with invalid medical certs.
    Which is a criminal offense
    And these fcks are basically playing with our lives

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