This news release was posted by Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. on his website.  To ignore anyone who is trying to help us would be insane.  If we do not bury Jesse Jackson in resumes we do not deserve a Tier 5 Extension.


National Effort to Dramatize Unemployment Problem Begins Today

Today, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. issued a call for resumes on the floor of the House of Representatives, in order to demonstrate the unemployment problem in the country. Following his remarks, he made the following statement:

“Today, I began an effort to mobilize the unemployed, the under-employed and the economically desperate. I will be collecting resumes of out-of-work Americans in order to submit them for the Congressional Record as a way of putting a face on the jobs crisis we confront. By sending their resumes to me, the unemployed will be permitting me to use their stories as we fight for jobs and enter their curriculum vitae into the Record.

“Of course, sending me a resume will not put anybody first in line for a job. It will not be forwarded to anybody who is hiring. But it will put the jobs issue front and center before the government so that we can remind elected officials that we need to go to work everyday for those who aren’t allowed to go to work everyday, but want to,” Jackson concluded.

Resumes can be emailed to ResumesforAmerica@mail.house.gov, or sent by mail to:

Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.
2419 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC, 20009

Jackson’s remarks on the floor of the House, as prepared for delivery, are as follows:

“Mr. Speaker, as we enter 2011, we find ourselves in the same jobs situation as in 2010.

“In order to show the huge need for jobs, I’ll be collecting resumes from Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. I’ll submit them for the Congressional Record.

“Unfortunately, submitting these resumes for the Record will NOT get anybody a job.

“By collecting these resumes, I hope to dramatize the shameful condition of unemployment and compel action to do something about it. I hope to remind my colleagues every day that we work for those Americans who have been left behind, but who want to work.

“Today I call on my fellow Americans to send me your resume and your story toresumesforAmerica@mail.house.gov. If you are out of work, send me your resume and story so that I can use it to remind our government of the need to act.

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that America has issued a bad check, that it has come back marked insufficient funds….But the vault of opportunity of this nation is not bankrupt.

“Again, Mr. Speaker, sending a resume to me will not put you first in line for any job. But it will put you front and center to remind your government that so many Americans are in need, and that we must create jobs.

“Thank you, Mr. Speaker.”


  1. sent mine yesterday, not enough people know about this site, there are millions of 99ers, of course most have probably lost internet access, this sucks…

  2. paul tartaglia
    203 genung street
    middletown, ny, 10940
    contact 845-321-7798

    Objective: Seek the Position of Butcher
    SUMMARY: Exceptionally talented Butcher with over 15 years experience
    in cutting, trimming, and preparing consumer-sized portions of meat for
    sale in retail establishments.

    Summary of Qualifications

    Strong knowledge of the principles and processes for providing
    customer and personal services.
    Great ability to quickly move and use the hand.
    Profound ability to work within a team and on own initiative as
    Excellent communication skills, honesty and a high level of
    Uncommon enthusiasm and capacity for hard work.
    Strong systematic and cheerful approach with a ‘can do’ attitude.
    Great ability to judge the quality of things.

    Professional Experience
    frankie”s deli and butcher
    3276 layton avenue 10465 from 05/89 to 10/2002
    started as apprentice for the 1st year worked as a fulltime butcher
    for 13 years till owner passed away in 2002 family closed the store
    Sams club
    300 N Galleria Dr, Middletown, NY,10940 from 11/02 to 02/2003
    (845) 692-5100
    worked as partime butcher left was in a car accident.
    Bought my own deli butcher shop

    Eltz prime meat & Grocers from 03/2003 to 12/07
    Kohler Rd Middletown, NY.10940

    ran the store for 4 years as owner butcher and deli
    closed up due to economy
    Shoprite supermarket from 01/2008 to 05/2009
    125 DOLSON AVE Middletown, Ny, 10940
    worked as a butcher was laid off

    Cut, trim, bone, tie, and grind meats, such as beef, pork, poultry, and
    fish, to prepare meat in cooking form.
    Prepare and place meat cuts and products in display counter, so they will
    appear attractive and catch the shopper’s eye.
    Prepare special cuts of meat ordered by customers.
    Shape, lace, and tie roasts, using boning knife, skewer, and twine.
    Total sales, and collect money from customers.
    Wrap, weigh, label and price cuts of meat.
    Estimate requirements and order or requisition meat supplies to maintain
    Negotiate with representatives from supply companies to determine order
    Receive, inspect, and store meat upon delivery, to ensure meat quality.
    Record quantity of meat received and issued to cooks and keep records of
    meat sales.
    Supervise meat cutters.

  3. Sent resume five minutes ago. Added no comments. The resume will speak for itself. We don’t need to waste time adding a full page rant.

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