Jacob Wohl: It’s Time to Mercilessly Bomb Iran

The Washington Reporter – by Jacob Wohl

Iran now effectively has political and military control of four countries: Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, emboldened by the signing, and then the weak enforcement of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran’s Quds Force has successfully trained, equipped and funded its previously beleaguered terror proxies in Hezbollah and Hamas. Within 18-36 months, Iran will be able to hit our allies in the Middle East and Europe with nuclear-armed missiles. For the past 10 years, Iran has been on the march and the West has been on the run.  

Even so, Iran faces some challenges, namely a failing currency and difficulty thwarting attacks by Israel, The Gulf Cooperation Council and the US and our NATO allies against their numerous bases inside Syria.

Iran’s goals and aspirations are clear. It’s also clear that they have the means and internal political capital to achieve those goals. If we have learned one thing from our experience with North Korea, it’s that when rogue nations tell us what they plan to do, we should take them at their word.

In the latest strikes against Syria, the world watched as Syrian air-defense systems were utterly obliterated; worthless against 21st century American technology. This tells us something about what would happen during an American shock and awe campaign against Iran. A ground-war with Iran will only happen as a result of an air-war that should have happened years earlier. Now, more than ever, American has a unique opportunity to set the record straight about who’s in charge of the Middle East.

The goal of strikes against Iran should be to topple the regime and strike a long lasting blow against Iran’s nuclear capabilities, not to occupy the country or engage in a nation-building charm offensive.

The Washington Reporter

12 thoughts on “Jacob Wohl: It’s Time to Mercilessly Bomb Iran

  1. From Jacob’s twitter profile- “20 Year Old Financier and Political Commentator | Conservative, Trump Supporter, Zionist | Editor In Chief of The Washington Reporter”

    He’s not shy, perhaps proud of the Zionist claim.

    1. Thanks, Katie. If the dude is 20 he neither thought or wrote that himself but was handed his script of talking points. Good little doggie.


  2. The U.S. gov is under the total control of Israel and the dual citizen ziocons and the proof is that Israel did the attack on the WTC on 911 and got away with it.

      1. Western Govts across the board are controlled by Israel and Zionist Banking Interests, Ancient Nobility and Freemasons. But I am fixing the environment by paying my carbon taxes and voting responsibly. Its my CIVIC duty. HA.

  3. Really, Jake? “Mercilessly”? I guess you’re another Talmudist who thinks he can tell God what to do. But you just might regret at some point that notion when you find out that GOD IS IN CONTROL! Not you, not Satan, and not some dead rebbe of the Chabad Lubavitch cult who some think will return as the “messiah”…Sorry to burst your bubble.

  4. Okay then son, well load your ass into a troop plane and kick your ass out the tail end over Iran, you get to take with you a butter knife, bright pink jump suit and parachute. If you survive the fall you can have all the fun you want.

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