Jade Helm 15: Do The Math

Published on May 15, 2015 by TruthNeverTold

6 thoughts on “Jade Helm 15: Do The Math

  1. IF this is true, then WHY are the so many military vehicles being moved around this country. There are way more military vehicles on the road and on railways than 1200 troops would EVER use.

    1. My take on the situation exactly, Justafriend… Remember: The Talmud sez: (paraphrase) “Lie to the Goyiim…you are doing a service to the Tribe”
      ’nuff said.

  2. IMO his mistake was in assuming he knows FOR SURE how many people are involved in the exercise. It’s going to be a small number compared to the population in any case, but most of the population are part of the flock not part of the opposition.

    1. Sorry, Mary;
      As soon as I heard the gentleman calling the JadeHelm image a tripod, I started the process of distrust with regard to the amount of thought the author gave to his transmission.
      Trident: noun;
      : a spear that has three points and that looks like a large fork
      The three-pointed spear is a tri-DENT, not a tri-POD. Still listening, but doubt there is any truth to be found. I will repost if I find anything of value in this video, but you may assume I will lose interest at the next point of ignorance.
      My second post:
      Too much in the way of disinfo and distraction out there with regard to this subject to waste my brain time on what appears to me to be foolish speculation….I prefer to stick with factual evidence and avoid the hyperbolic fantasy. The truth is almost always the simple face-value interpretation of things, not the mystical/symbological theater this gentleman espouses.
      I understand that the Illuminati use symbolism, but it is almost 100% hindsight when it is used as something really important to them. The use of false symbology is a very effective “Coast-to-Coast” type of disinformation. Please, folks, be very aware of this so we don’t waste our hard-fought-for credibility when “inquirers” come to see what we believe.

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