JADE HELM: Military Exercises Causing Chaos in California

Published on Jul 25, 2015 by Sheilaaliens

Strange events that have been occurring in California since the official beginning of the national military exercise Jade Helm.

It’s amazing what the military can get away with in the name of “Homeland Security” @_@!

5 thoughts on “JADE HELM: Military Exercises Causing Chaos in California

  1. Strange events are always occurring in Cali.That said,while working on a family members house there last winter met some realy cool folks who had a clue as to what was happening there/in the country/in the world.They just grew up there and refuse to leave/stuck there family/job ect.They have not neutered their firearms and are ready when things go very bad

  2. 1. Steve Quayle is another Dave Hodges fear-mongering douchebag.
    2. If that’s the revolutionary weapon that they have to push people away, then that’s sad. Won’t work with armed citizens and can probably be deflected back at them, and thus frying their own weapon, if the citizen brought the right metal with them.

  3. There’s a huge false flag event coming and jade helm will be in place to implement martial law. There’s no other reason. And if not this time then the next one. 9/11 plus blah blah blah plus Boston bombing plus exponential times pi r squared = total stupidity which we all seem to hold so dear.

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