Jade Helm: Texarkana, TX August 4

Published on Aug 9, 2015 by Jade Helm Texas

Submitted by Billy.
Drills southwest of Texarkana have amassed over 300 military vehicles, lining both sides of the road off of Hwy 67.
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6 Responses to Jade Helm: Texarkana, TX August 4

  1. sharon says:

    Don’t think it’s Jade Helm. This looks like the video was taken at the Red River Army Depot. Still a big waste of money if you ask me.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      EVERY military vehicle is Jade Helm; even if it’s painted for desert warfare.

      I think I saw a Jade Helm operative near me. He was a drunk passed out on someone’s lawn, but he was wearing camouflage, so I’m being extra careful now.

      When was that martial law and dissident round-up supposed to “go live”, anyway? Months ago? What’s Dave Hodges been doing with himself lately?

  2. Millard says:

    I should have took pictures. Unmarked helicopters cruising up and down my river, an under cover swat vehicle at the municipal boat landing, newbies in town asking questions, yeah, something’s up, I don’t know what, but I’m certain, whatever it is, it’s not good. I don’t think I’m paranoid but who’s the judge of who’s sane or not? And you can shove your Dr. credentials up your ying-yang. Not directed at anyone other that the AMA.

  3. NC says:

    This is not Jade Helm. Texarkana is where the Red River Depot is located. Lot’s of military vehicles there. No big deal in this case.

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