James Brien Comey, Jr. is a traitor.

Patriot or Traitor

James Brien Comey, Jr. is the Director of the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation.

James Comey has continually refused to comment on the ongoing investigation into the use of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. This dates back to October 2015 when Comey refused to comment at a Capitol Hill hearing.  

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“Mr. Chairman, I respectfully say that’s one I’m not going to comment on. As you know, the FBI is working on a referral given to us by inspectors general in connection with former Secretary Clinton’s use of her private email server. As you also know about the FBI, we don’t talk about our investigations while we’re doing them. This is one I’m following very closely and get briefed on regularly. I’m confident we have the people and the resources to do it in the way I believe we do all our work, which is promptly, professionally, independently. But I don’t want to do anything that would compromise my ability to do it that way by commenting beyond that,” said Comey.

“Thank you Mr. Chairman, I hope you’ll understand why I don’t think it’s appropriate to answer that. I want to preserve my ability to oversee this investigation in a way that is both in reality independent and fair, and is perceived that way. I believe the Bureau is three things: we are competent, we are independent, and we’re honest, and I want to make sure the American people have confidence that that’s the way we are doing our business, and if I start answering questions like yours which is a reasonable question, I worry that I could infringe upon that.”

Additional Information

FBI Director James Comey feels he has no legal obligation to wrap up the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server. “The urgency is to do it well and promptly. And ‘well’ comes first,” Comey told local law enforcement agents in Buffalo on Monday, May 2, 2016.

“Well” is important. But so is “promptly,” and the FBI’s definition of that is unclear.

The probe, underway for two years now, addresses a fundamental question: Did Clinton intentionally or recklessly forward classified information in a way that put the country at risk?

Getting the answer sooner rather than later is extremely important. There surely is a professional, ethical, and moral obligation for James Comey to finish the investigation ASAP rather than leave a cloud hanging over the electoral process. What’s also troubling, is that James Comey is ignoring his ethical obligations given the highly charged political nature of the investigation.

But an investigation that drags on past the convention, into the fall, is more than a partisan concern. It’s a treasonous act to the country as a whole.

Asked last Sunday (May 1, 2016) on NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether the FBI had reached out to her for an interview, Clinton said, “No, no, they haven’t.” She added, “Back in August, we made clear that I’m happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. And I stand by that.”

If her answer is truthful, and she signaled availability “back in August,” why take so long to question her? A key aspect of any potential criminal investigation would hinge on Clinton’s intent in setting up the private e-mail server. Only she can speak to that.

From a purely political perspective, it would have been better if it happened months ago. If it ended Clinton’s presidential ambitions, so be it. She could have at least been arrested, and the party could have moved onto another candidate.

An endless investigation leaves a perpetual cloud over her head. That’s not a crime, but it’s clearly another treasonous act done by James Comey.

Altogether, James Comey has stopped and/or impeded the investigations of Hillary Clinton on violations of federal laws governing official record-keeping, maintaining classified information, evidence-tampering, obstruction of justice, and possible pay-for-play bribery through the Clinton foundation.

UPDATE: June 16, 2016

President Obama held a meeting with Department of Justice Attorney General Loretta Lynch shortly after his endorsement of Hillary Clinton on June 9, 2016.

“In order for Clinton to carry Obama’s torch, she has to stay out of prison,” writes Katie Pavlich for Townhall. “In order to do that, she has to avoid prosecution. I’m sure Obama made that very clear to his somewhat new Attorney General.”

We have cited the various scandals still hanging over Mrs. Clinton’s head. They include the mishandling of classified materials, obstruction of justice, the public corruption scandal in which she used the State Department as leverage for benefitting the Clinton Foundation as well as her family, and Benghazi.

Contrary to President Obama’s assertion that he is allowing a non-partisan and full investigation, by endorsing Mrs. Clinton he has placed his hand on the scale of justice and made his wishes more than clear to federal investigators. The question is, will Director James Comey and the FBI continue to follow the President’s direction?

Despite the administration’s continued support for Clinton, new stories break daily outlining Mrs. Clinton’s corruption and pay-for-play. ABC News, with the help of Citizens United, found that a Clinton donor was placed on a sensitive intelligence board during Mrs. Clinton’s term as secretary of state—even though he lacked the credentials for the appointment.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that “many” of the 22 classified emails from Mrs. Clinton’s private email server that the government refuses to release, “dealt with whether diplomats concurred or not with the CIA drone strikes…” These highly sensitive and classified emails were “written within the often-narrow time frame in which State Department officials had to decide whether or not to object to drone strikes before the CIA pulled the trigger…” There are more than 2,000 emails that Mrs. Clinton handled that contained classified material on her private, unsecured server, whether marked as such or not.

“Several law-enforcement officials said they don’t expect any criminal charges to be filed as a result of the investigation,” reports the Journal, continuing, “although a final review of the evidence will be made only after an expected FBI interview with Mrs. Clinton this summer.”

Jonathan F. Keiler, a lawyer and former captain in the Army’s Judge-Advocate General Corps, writes that James Comey has already delayed for too long. In an outstanding column for American Thinker, he wonders what Comey is up to: “What FBI director James Comey intends is perhaps the greatest conundrum in Washington these days. Is he playing Hamlet to Hillary’s Claudius, introspective, doubtful, and unwilling to strike the killing blow? Is he just being a careful apolitical policeman? Or is he a political hack who will do what’s best for Jim Comey? Perhaps it’s a bit of all three. Whatever the truth, it is in Hillary’s best interest to discourage James Comey as much as possible. Her early claim to be the Democrat nominee serves that purpose.”

Keiler argues that Hillary’s convenient surge past the magic delegate number the night before the California primary, through a sudden burst of superdelegate declarations, served both her political and legal purposes. “If Comey is an honest policeman,” he writes, “the best time for him to have acted was before Hillary claimed the nomination. Then he would only have been referring charges against another—albeit notorious—private citizen. After the nomination, Hillary becomes not only the standard bearer of one of America’s two great political parties, but a ‘historic’ figure as the first woman to do so. As such, it behooved both Hillary and her backers in the media to reach that point ASAP.”

“As a political and media matter,” he adds, “an FBI referral at this point will be against not only the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, but also a historic figure, an affront to the American political system and women everywhere.”

Nevertheless, James Comey should immediately uphold the law and proceed with the recommendation of indictment. The evidence against Hillary Clinton is clear, not to mention, there is already talk of a revolt within the FBI along with the unauthorized release of the investigation documents.


5 thoughts on “James Brien Comey, Jr. is a traitor.

  1. Anyone who works for the FBI is an enemy of the Bill of Rights and therefore of America. This has been the case at least since the days of J. Edgar Hoover, and probably before that.

    The Waco Massacre alone showed everyone the kind of sick f-cks who work at the FBI. Even *supposing* they didn’t set that fire deliberately, which I’m sure they did, who the hell pumps tear gas into a building filled with children?

    1. The same people who detonated a satchel charge on top of their firepoof records office where the women and children were sheltering and safe- killing them all.

  2. “and if I start answering questions like yours which is a reasonable question, I worry that I could infringe upon that.””

    But apparently our 2nd Article can be “infringed” upon without a problem, eh James?

    Hang this treasonous piece of shit. He thinks by using fancy formal words, like “respectfully”, “independently” and “professionally” that it’ll make us think he is more intelligent than us and that’ll change our minds? F**k him!

    Hang the SOB! 😡

    1. Just too bad that 95% of the nation is unaware of this, and would STILL believe they’re “the good guys”.

      The same ones who confiscated EVERY CAMERA AND TAPE almost as 9/11 happened, and are STILL not answering what that FBI van and 2 guys were doing dumping that engine under the WTC’s.

  3. First of all of these “heads” were hand picked by the Sack of monkey shit boy king because they say “yess em bosss, whatever yous want”. Hemp rope for all of them. One day the truth will come out because “one person” had the balls to speak out and tell the truth and they will ALL hang after being found guilty of treason.

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