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James O’Keefe at “Death of a Nation” Premiere: Featuring Project Veritas Undercover Video!

Uploaded on Aug 1, 2018

During the Los Angeles premiere for D’Souza’s new film “Death of a Nation,” James O’Keefe gives his review of the film.

The film uses undercover video from Project Veritas, exposing Antifa “Fight instructors” teaching protesters how to be violent. It also introduces Andy Zee, an organizer for Refuse Fascism, discussing their plan to meet with Tom Steyer.

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4 Responses to James O’Keefe at “Death of a Nation” Premiere: Featuring Project Veritas Undercover Video!

  1. Katie says:

    You and the other idiots that won’t take the time to learn history are doomed to repeat it, therefor, your fight is not with me. If you bring it to my door step it then becomes mine and you will be dealt with.

    I don’t want any collective group to rise and be the new controllers.

  2. galen says:

    Frikkin’ jaw-dropping!! And “grassroots” my butt. Who in grassroots talks “$2 to $5 million needed?” Very slick and well orchestrated operation coming from very high up, or very low down. The names: Zee (what’s his real name?). And Steyer. Got a tribal ring to it. Really sickening.


    Antifa members in Berkeley smash windows of US Marine Corps recruiting office during protest:



  3. Cynicles says:

    These Antifa Brownshirt Fascists are using the Nazi play book for a major power grab. The mob tactics will be their undoing. Very likely they will mess with the wrong group or person(s) soon. Then they will pull pages from the liberal/Alinsky play book, including the victim card.

  4. Peter says:

    Just go see the movie…..it’s NOT in most theatres. I did Saturday. Form your own opinion about both sides and yes ….history.

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